Applications of Artificial intelligence (AI) in Banking and Finance

Artificial intelligence allows banks to become more efficient in the process of detecting fraud and money laundering, AI automatically conducts and compresses data that normally requires many hours of labor in just a matter of minutes, banks use machine learning & big data to prevent criminal activities and monitor potential threats to customers in commerce.

Artificial Intelligence in Banks

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in the banking sector, It brings automation & simplifies the process, AI will save the banking industry more than $1 trillion by 2030, The banking sector become one of the leading adopters of Artificial Intelligence, Most banks & financial institutions are implementing AI to add more efficiency to their back-office and lessen security risks.

The banking industry uses artificial intelligence-based solutions for many traditional banking problems, The use cases vary based on size, location and the type of financial institution, banks use AI to increase client satisfaction, improve efficiency and maintain customer loyalty in many ways.

Many banks use many applications of artificial intelligence to detect fraudulent activities, AI software offers a very large sample of data that includes fraudulent & non-fraudulent purchases, it is trained to determine whether a transaction is valid based on data, the software becomes incredibly adept at spotting fraudulent transactions based on what it has learned previously.

Applications of AI for Banking Sector

Process Automation

Process automation with RPA is the main driver of automation in financial institutions, AI systems can perform more complex automation, AI systems can review documents and extract data in much less time than it would take a human, Artificial intelligence will help customers manage their simple banking needs more efficiently & consistently, It allows financial institutions to create more personalized consumer products.

Artificial intelligence recognizes and extracts important information from loan applications, lease agreements, W-4 forms and receipts to save employees countless hours of work, It can drastically reduce the time spent reading or recording client information, and time can be reallocated in performing revenue-generating tasks.


A chatbot is a service powered by algorithms, It interacts with the customer in a human-like manner, It is the AI-enabled tool that offers financial guidance for the bank’s clients through voice & text messages, The service is accessible 24/7, it can perform day-to-day transactions, So clients can access services at any time without costing more money hiring customer service.

A chatbot can act as an answering machine and serve customers continuously throughout the day, It can answer simple questions of the users of customized banking apps and it can redirect them to the bank’s website if necessary, chatbots offer direct & basic operations such as opening or closing the account, transfer of funds, etc.

The chatbot can offer useful links for finishing the process, It can present instant connectivity and reduce the workload of customer care executives significantly, Though customer care executives are serving the customers well, they have limitations of time and the number of persons they can attend in a day.

Banking app

A banking app integrated with AI-related features to show services, it offers, and insights in line with the user’s behavior, the app handles the advice and communication part by analyzing the user’s data, Banks offer online wealth management services and other services by integrating AI advancements into the app,  AI banking apps can work wonders, It is easy to assist the users in financial planning with AI strategies.

Banks understand the importance of accelerating & increasing connectivity with customers, banking apps can make customer interactions easier & attract new clients, This sort of AI-based tech shows how banks are looking for new and creative ways to personalize the user experience and better understand customer behavior.

AI technology works on the principle of data collection & analysis, Any AI system can work well with better data sets, A tailored mobile banking app enriched with AI-based features can collect all the relevant and useful data of the users to improvise the learning process and enhance the overall user experience, After accumulating and analyzing the data, the experience can be made more personalized.

Many transactions are done online irrespective of time & place worldwide, automated processes and other applications are attributed to the integration of AI in the banking system & mobile banking apps, The main role of AI in mobile banking domain is to improve customer service, over 32% of financial institutions use AI by the means of voice recognition & predictive analysis, Banks use AI technology for enhancing the customer experience by giving it a personalized touch.

Automated AI-powered customer service representatives can serve the purpose with ease, After gathering the data from the user’s mobile devices, the AI-based mobile banking app processes the data through machine learning to provide the relevant information or redirect the users to the source of information.

Artificial intelligence can manage wealth management and portfolio management effectively & efficiently, It brings ‘banking at your fingertips’ for the users who hate to visit the banks, mobile banking helps manage basic banking services, so, Customers can get automated & safe transactions, They get notifications instantly for any suspicious transaction as per their usual patterns.

AI offers a card management system, It not only automates the credit and debit card management system but makes it safer, It helps the customer get rid of a long authentication process in the case of losing the card, The AI system saves time and effort of the customers and improves the mobile banking services.

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