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The bad effects of the webs of wireless transmitter of cellular phones

Cellular phones

The networks have harmful effects on people who suffer from the heart diseases , they cause an electromagnetic pollution , when people use the cell phones to make the calls , the signals are transmitted back and forth to the base station .

The RF waves produced at the base station are given off into the environment , where people can be exposed to them , the mobile phones  use the electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range and the digital wireless systems such as the data communication networks produce the similar radiation . 

the cell phones communicate with nearby cell towers mainly through the radio frequency ( RF ) waves  which is a form of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum between FM radio waves and the microwaves .

FM radio waves , the microwaves , the visible light , and the heat , they are forms of non-ionizing radiation , they cannot cause the cancer by directly damaging DNA .

Effect of cell phones on the brain

Effect of cell phones on the brain

the cell phones use a very very low level of radio frequency ( RF ) energy which is  too low to cause the damage  , and the type of energy emitted is non-ionizing , So ,  it doesn’t cause the damage to the chemical bonds or DNA .

RF waves are different from the stronger types of radiation such as x-rays , the gamma rays , and ultraviolet (UV) light which can break the chemical bonds in DNA .

At very high levels , RF waves can heat up the body tissues , ( This is the basis for how the microwave ovens work ) But the levels of energy used by the cell phones and the  towers are much lower .

The microwave phones can make the kids hearing-impaired , the cell phone radiation incrementally damages the inner ear causing high frequency hearing loss  .

The cell phone users had an increased risk of malignant gliomas , the tumors are more likely to occur on the side of the head that the cell handset is used , one hour of cell phone use per day  increases the  tumor risk after ten years or more .

There is a link between the cell phone use and a higher rate of acoustic neuromas ,  the microwave phones can make the kids brain-impaired , The brain scans show that the microwave phone radiation penetrates deeply into the  child’s brain .

The cell phone microwaves can open the blood brain barrier  allowing albumin and other chemicals from tiny blood vessels to leak into the sensitive brain tissues .

The leakage of the phone microwave radiation causes irreversible oxidative stress and the nerve tissue damage , the brain hormones , including the melatonin , the dopamine , the norepinephrine and thyroid stimulating hormone are disrupted  .

The microwave phones highly elevate the child’s cancer risk , only 10 minutes on the  cell phone triggers changes in the brain tissues linked to abnormal cell division and the cancer , and the phone microwaves are implicated in both the eye and the salivary gland tumors .

The cell phones are dangerous as  they emit the microwaves , they produce the heat , when people hold the source of emission close to their brain ,  They may have the  brain tumors in the exact size , shape and position as the antenna on their cell phone .

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