Weather factors and Importance of weather prediction

What is the meaning of the weather?

The weather is the expected conditions of the atmosphere in a certain area during a short period of time, not exceeding one week, Every day, You can know the weather news through the weather forecast.

The weather forecast includes the weather factors which are: The temperature, The winds, The atmospheric pressure, the clouds, and the rain.

The temperature

The temperature can be measured by the mercuric thermometer and the digital thermometer, There is a maximum temperature which is the temperature expected during the daytime and there is a minimum temperature which is the temperature expected at night. 

The atmospheric pressure

There are regions that have high atmospheric pressure and there are others that have low atmospheric pressure, You can measure the atmospheric pressure by the barometer.  

The winds
Wind vane

The wind vane is used to determine the wind direction.

The wind is the movement of the air from the regions of the high atmospheric pressure to the regions of the low atmospheric pressure. 

The rise of the sea waves is caused by wind speed. The wind direction is determined by the wind vane, and the wind speed is measured by the anemometer.

The clouds and the rain

When you look at the sky, you notice that the clouds increase in the coastal regions, and the sky is clear in the desert regions.

The clouds are formed when the water in the seas, the lakes, and the oceans evaporate by the effect of the sun rays to form the water vapour. which rises in the sky, then it cooled and condensed to form clouds. 

The rain is formed when the clouds move by the effect of the winds, and the volume of the water drops in the clouds increases, then the air can not carry them, So the rains fall.

The importance of the weather prediction

People should follow the weather forecast as it gives them the prediction of the temperature, the pressure, the rain, the winds, and the clouds.

  1. People must wear heavy clothes when the weather forecast predicts that the temperature will be low.

  2. If it predicts that the wind will be strong and the sea waves will be high, So,  the ships and the fishing boats should not sail during this time.

  3. If it predicts that the morning is foggy, So, The car drivers should slow down to avoid accidents.

  4. If it predicts that the rains will fall, So, People must wear the raincoats and use the umbrellas. and the farmers should know the best time for the irrigation.

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