Adaptation and continuity of life by the hibernation and the aestivation

The adaptation

Many species had adapted to the environmental changes, So they had succeeded in the continuation of life, Some of the organisms could not be adapted to the environmental changes, So they perished as the dinosaurs and the mammoth.

There are many forms of adaptation of the living organisms such as hibernation, aestivation, The adaptation for hiding, the birds migration, and the adaptation in the aquatic and desert plants. 

The hibernation

Hibernation is the behaviour that some animals do by hiding in burrows to avoid the low temperature in the winter, When the temperature decreases in the winter, some animals hide in the burrows as some reptiles and some insects.

Some animals bury themselves in the mud, They stop feeding and their activities decrease to overcome the decreasing of the temperature like the frogs and the toads.

When the environmental conditions in the spring become favourable, these organisms return back to their normal activities.

The aestivation

The aestivation

The aestivation process

The aestivation is the behaviour that some animals do by hiding in humid burrows to avoid the extreme rising of the temperature in the summer, When the temperature rises up in the summer, especially in the desert areas, the living organisms face an extreme rise in the temperature, and a shortage in the water and the rain.

They become dormant and hide in the humid burrows avoiding the effect of the high temperature to keep the constancy of their body temperatures such as the jerboa, the desert snail, and some insects.

The animals that hibernate or aestivate store an amount of food as the fats in their bodies to provide them with the energy needed to keep their life during the period of dormancy.

The fats are characterized more than the other kinds of food by the production of large quantities of water on their reusing. So, these animals store the food, and the water together in the form of fats.

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