Classification of mammals according to kind and number of teeth

The mammals

The mammals are classified according to the kind and the number of teeth into the edentates mammals (The teethless mammals), and the mammals having teeth.

The edentates mammals

The edentates mammals (the teethless mammals) such as the sloth and the armadillo.

The mammals having teeth

The mammals having teeth are divided according to the shape and the kind of the teeth into:

There are animals which have front teeth extending outwards to capture the insects such as the hedgehog, The mammal’s teeth are specialized for the food it eats and it is usually possible to determine a mammal’s diet by examining its teeth.


The tiger has front teeth extending outwards.

The incisors which are the front teeth are used for biting and cutting the food, The canines are used for stabbing and holding, Lining the jaw are the premolars and the molars.

As the mammal chews, its upper and lower molars fit together, crushing and grinding the food, There are animals that have pointed canines, and molars with sharp projections such as the lion, the tiger, and all the carnivorous.

There are animals that have sharp incisors which are divided according to the number of incisors in each jaw into the rodents and lagomorphs.

The rodents have one pair of incisors in each jaw such as the rat, the jerboa, and the squirrel, The lagomorphs have two pairs of incisors in the upper jaw, and one pair in the lower jaw such as the rabbit.

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