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The structure of the plant cell

The plant cell

The plant tissue ( as the epidermis tissue of the onion leaf ) is composed of small units known as the plant cells , where each cell contains many components , The plant cell is the eukaryotic cell which differ in several key aspects from the cells of the other eukaryotic organisms

The cell wall

The plant cell

The plant cell

The cell wall is the wall that surrounds the plant cell from outside , It supports the plant cell and gives it a definite shape .

The plasma ( cell ) membrane

The plasma membrane is the membrane that surrounds the cytoplasm , and it controls the substances that enter or leave the cell .

The cytoplasm

The cytoplasm is a fluid that fills the cell and all the cell components are suspended in it , All the biological operations of the cell occur in the cytoplasm .

The nucleus

The nucleus organizes the biological operations in the cell and it is responsible for the cell division .

The green plastids ( the chloroplasts )

The chloroplasts are responsible for making the food by the photosynthesis process .

The sap vacuole

The sap vacuole of the plant is much larger than animals and has the same functions , The sap vacuole  stores important substances , and it also helps support the plant .

Transportation in plant , Structure & role of the plant stem in the process of transportation

Autotrophic Nutrition in green plants , Mechanism of water & minerals absorption

Excretion in plants , Importance & types of transpiration for the plant

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