The properties of the alkaline earth metals group ( 2 A )

The alkaline earth elements

The alkaline earth elements  are the metallic elements found in the second group of s-block after group ( 1 A ) . They are located on the left side of the modern periodic table .

The alkaline earth metals are all shiny , silver-white and they are good conductors of the heat and the electricity .

The alkaline earth metals have the similar properties , Their densities are higher than the alkali metals densities . All the alkaline earth metals sink in the water as they have higher densities than the water density .


The alkaline earth metals

The alkaline earth elements

The alkaline earth metals in group ( 2 ) have two electrons in their valence shells . This enables the metals to easily loss the electrons which increases their stability and allows them to form the compounds . They are divalent elements as they have two electrons in their outermost energy levels .

The alkaline earth metals are reactive metals at standard temperature and pressure but the chemical activity of these elements is less than the alkali metals activity . therefore , they are not kept under the surface of the Kerosene or paraffin oil .

When we look in the modern periodic table , We will notice that the chemical activity of the alkaline earth metals increases as their atomic size increases as the loss of the two valency electrons become easier .

Barium ( Ba ) is more active than Calcium ( Ca ) which is more active than magnesium ( M g ) , All alkaline earth metals react with hydrogen to create metallic hydrides ,  they all react with oxygen to produce metal oxides , And they all react with halogens to form ionic halides .

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