The importance and uses of the lasers in the industry

Lasers in the industry

The lasers are used to drill, weld, cut and mark all the sorts of the materials, They can drill the tiny holes in the turbine blades more quickly and less expensively than mechanical drills, The laser welding is one of many techniques for joining materials, The laser welding has high processing speeds with no tool wear due to a contact-free process.

The lasers cut with better edge quality than most mechanical cutters, the edges of the metal parts cut by the lasers rarely need to be filed or polished because the laser makes such a clean cut.

The lasers

The laser has a high weld aspect ratio.

The industrial applications for high average power fiber lasers such as cutting of hydroformed automotive frames, The blank welding for the automotive industry, Titanium welding of the aircraft skins, The laser cladding for the aerospace and the oil industries.

The lasers are used in the battery welding for the medical device industry, the pacemaker welding for the medical device industry, the transmission welding for the automotive industry and the sheet metal cutting.

The laser welding of metal can be differentiated between keyhole welding and heat conduction welding, A selection of plastics can be successfully welded by using a diode laser.

The laser cladding is a process where the material is added to the melt pool on the surface of a part in the form of powder or wire to create a surface layer with the different properties.

The coherent lasers offer the superior overall-clad quality, They reduced the heat input, the minimal part distortion and better-clad deposition control resulting in reduced dilution, lower porosity and better surface uniformity.

The laser scissors cut the patterns for the clothes, the laser scissors can be work on a microscopic level, they are not used only in the industry but also in the biological research, The laser processing is easily automated to allow the computer and the robot control.

The laser processes in converting as drilling of the foils for vegetable packages to make them breathable or the cigarette paper to control the strength of cigarettes, and it is used in cutting of the medical components like blood testers.

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