The energy transformation inside the cars

The cars

The energy in many of its forms may be used in the natural processes , It provides some services to the society such as heating , the refrigeration , the light , It  performs the mechanical work to operate the machines .

The energy conversion or the energy transformation is the process of changing one form of energy to another , the energy produce certain changes within a system , Changes in the total energy of systems can only be accomplished by adding or removing the energy from them as the energy is a quantity which is conserved ( unchanging ) .

The internal combustion engine in the car converts the potential chemical energy in gasoline and oxygen into thermal energy which is transformed into the mechanical energy that accelerates the vehicle ( increasing its kinetic energy ) by causing the pressure and performing the work on the pistons  .

There is useful energy transfer in the car engine , You can see that the  car engine transfers the chemical energy which is stored in the fuel into the kinetic energy  of expanding gas via combustion in the engine and the wheels .

The cars

The cars

The heat energy changes into the mechanical energy which moves the car, And  the chemical energy that stored in the fuel changes by burning into the thermal ( the heat ) energy in the car engine  .

The kinetic energy of expanding gas is converted to the linear piston movement that is converted to the rotary crankshaft movement , The rotary crankshaft movement is passed into the transmission assembly .

The rotary movement is passed out of transmission assembly , the rotary movement is passed through the differential , then the rotary movement passed out of the differential to the drive wheels , then the rotary movement of drive wheels is converted to  the linear motion of the vehicle .

The cars are useful in our life , And you know that the mechanical energy ( the kinetic energy ) changes into the electric energy  in the car dynamo , and a part of the electric energy changes into the light energy in the car lamps.

A part of the electric energy changes into the sound energy in the car radio casette , and a part of the electric energy changes into the heat energy in the electric heater of the car air conditioner .

When the battery is used to start the car , The energy is converted from the electrical to the mechanical energy to move the car , The  chemical energy in the form of gasoline converts to the mechanical energy , and each transformation leads to the production of the heat .

You can feel that the tires are warm from the friction after a long trip , the hood of the car is warm from the radiant heat of the engine , And there are transformation of the chemical energy to the electrical energy to the mechanical energy to start the car .

The car has much energy that stored in its battery , when the car moves , It converts some of this stored electrical energy into the kinetic energy , It is completely internal the car, There is not important energy is transferred across the car or the road boundary .

You can’t store the momentum in a battery ,  Any on-board momentum would necessarily show up as motion of the system’s center of mass , So , any change in the momentum of a system simply must be due to a transfer across the boundary of the system .

The frictional interaction between the tires and the road imparts forward momentum to the car+tires system , and of course a corresponding backward momentum to the road+earth system .

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