Robotic cars (Self Driving cars) advantages and disadvantages

Robotic Cars or Self Driving Cars sense their surroundings using the technology such as radar, GPS and the computer vision, The sensory information is processed to navigate the appropriate pathways for the vehicle to avoid any obstacles and obey the road signs.

Self Driving Car uses the digital map which can be constantly updated according to the sensory input, This allows the vehicle to adapt to change the situations, as well as travel through previously unknown territories.

Advantages of Robot Cars

Robotic cars cause less accidents, The human error supposedly causes 93% of all car accidents, They will have faster reaction times compared to the human drivers, They will drive faster due to the increased safety, The speed limits can be increased to reflect the safer driving, shortening the journey times.

The inter-vehicle communication rolls out on the wider scale, each robot take better defensive actions, Robot cars cause less traffic, They will be able to eliminating the gap that usually occurs when the human drivers stop in traffic and they will reduce the car theft.

Robotic cars

Robotic cars

Robot cars can eliminate distracted drivers, You can text, sleep, watch a movie, play video games while driving, They offers better accessibility, The blind people can now drive, There are no more parking issues, There will be no bad drivers and there will be less mistakes on the roads.

The robot cars are programmed not to break the laws, If they are safer than the human drivers, they may be less dangerous to the bikes on the road, There may be an opportunity to create wider bicycle lanes and better infrastructure.

The computer is an ideal motorist, most of car crashes are the result of human error, The computers use the complicated algorithms to determine the appropriate stopping distance which reduces the chances of car accidents,  The human driven cars come at a very high cost in terms of danger.

There is a cost savings associated with the time, When the computer takes over the driving responsibilities, The drivers can use that time to do the other things such as catch up on reading or chat with the passengers.

Self-driving cars will improve the traffic conditions and congestion, They will reduce the commute times for the drivers in high-traffic areas but to maximize on gasoline usage, They will communicate with one another to operate most efficiently, helping to identify the traffic problems or road risks.

Many cars are equipped with the features in the first stage of automatic driving such as autonomous braking, self-parking, or the sensors that clue the driver in to a nearby obstacle, The sensors allow the vehicles to ride closer together that causes less traffic.

Robotic cars can double the capacity of roads, They will be less likely to the crash, They are lighter and they reduce the fuel consumption, They can eliminate all 93% of the human errors, They helps the people who have difficulties with driving such as disabled people and older citizens.

The robotic cars are lightweight, So, They will decrease the amount of fuel consumption or they can be ran on hydrogen and the electricity which make the air pollution and the fuel consumption a thing of the past.

The use of automated shipping trucks will impact the world’s economy, Robotic cars increase the car efficiency & speed, They can reduce the insurance premiums for the car owners, You do not need for the drivers’ licenses or driving tests.

Robotic cars reduce fatigue from driving, They reduce the arguments over the directions and the navigation, The efficient travel means the fuel savings, cutting the costs, reduced need for safety gaps means that the road capacities for the vehicles would be increased.

The sensory technology can perceive the environment better than the human senses, The robotic cars can see farther ahead, They can see better in poor visibility, They can detect smaller and more subtle obstacles and they can reduce the traffic accidents.

Disadvantages of Robot Cars

Cyber security affects on robot cars, The car’s computer can be compromised, as could the communication system between the cars,The security behind self-driving cars would be the major obstacle, especially the hackers affect on the vehicle’s software and control its operation .

Robots cars cause loss of driving-related jobs, They cause the criminal and terrorist activities, They can be loaded with the explosives and they used to drive the bomb to its destination or they can be used in the other criminality acts such as the getaway vehicles.

The ethical problems arise when the robot car is in the unavoidable crash and it must choose between multiple harmful actions that could lead to the death, The self-driving car doesn’t eliminate the likelihood of the car accident and there’s no legal precedent for how the case would be handled.

The ability to operate a self-driving car will require the driver education, The cost of implementing the new technology is very high, The engineering, the power, the computer requirements, the software and the sensors cost a lot of money.

Self-driving cars will eliminate many jobs in the transportation sector, especially when it comes to the freight transportation and the taxi drivers, This could have the negative impact on the unemployment rate and the economy.

The robotic cars can not operate at a high level of safety in all weather conditions, the heavy rain affect on them & it damage the laser sensor mounted on the car’s roof and the snow can interfere with its cameras.

The robotic cars depend on accurate mapping systems through GPS that are not always accurate, Many people are worried about handing over all the power to the robotic cars that could malfunction and put them in dangerous situations.

Self-driving cars will maneuver through the hazards such as the roadblocks or unique local driving laws, It is difficult to identify the different local and state rules of the road and they can not interpret the human traffic signals.

The gasoline industry suffers because the self-driving cars would be electric, If self-driving cars are safer and reduce the number of accidents on the road, they will reduce the earning of the personal injury lawyers.

Robotic cars costs a lot of money, Truck drivers and taxi drivers will lose their jobs, The road system and infrastructure would need major upgrades for Self Driving vehicles to operate on them such as the traffic and street lights.

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