Adobe Flash Player advantages and disadvantages

Adobe Flash player is a multimedia platform used to add animation , video and interactivity, It is a powerful authoring tool but like any tool, some things are best solved with Flash , while others are not , It is used in advertising & online games and it is increasingly common .

Adobe Flash Player importance

Adobe Flash player is a browser-independent, It has no issues with cross-browser compatibility, When the Flash player plugin is installed on your computer , You will be able to view Flash content with no issues .

Adobe Flash player can be used to replace text elements on HTML Web pages with Flash equivalents , It supports the audio , the animation , the advanced video handling and interactivity , It is a vector-based but it allows incorporation of bitmaps where needed .

Flash applications can collect the data , the online games , the feedback forms , the photo slide show , audio , the movies , the charts, the shopping carts and different web applications that the server-side scripts can do ,  Flash technology makes it possible to make your Website more interactive and expressive .

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player

Flash is a vector based and hence a lightweight option for animation with smaller file size , you can express something to a visitor in a more efficient and attractive way with Flash .

Adobe Flash is known as Shockwave Flash or Macromedia , It is a software platform that is used to create the animation , the vector graphics , browser games , desktop applications and mobile apps .

Using of Adobe Flash in advertising is very popular , It displays the text and the graphics to provide the animations , It allows streaming of both audio and video clips , The creative companies are turning to Flash technology for flashier websites .

Adobe Flash  helps to give your site a more interactive and expressive outlook , With interactive features that Flash offers , like the games , the movies and feedback forms , your website will become attractive to the visitors .

Adobe Flash is designed to be compatible with many different browsers , This makes it very easy to use , It offers flexibility and diversity where video and audio playing is concerned , you should not worry about HTML codes being understood differently by different browsers .

Disadvantages of Adobe Flash Player

Flash is a powerful tool for delivering the animation , the games , the shopping carts , the vector graphics and the sound effects but you do not need to create your Website in Flash as it is a severe disadvantage .

Building an All-Flash Website is wrong , You should not store your content in a Flash movie and You should not navigate the website  in Flash , Flash Websites require installing the Flash player plugin .

Accessibility is a concern with Flash , Unless properly coded , most Flash Websites lack alternative text , You can not scale the text font size , Bookmarking internal pages is not common in Flash , unless you add the proper code

Most mobiles can´t read Flash , Most mobile devices don´t display Flash Websites , They do not support flash websites , Flash on a website can create a barrier between you and Smartphone users , Search engine robots can´t index images .

In iPod Touch , you will get no Flash , Websites that use Flash technology tend to be slower than those that do not , you need to install Flash Player to watch flash movies , The heavier your Flash content is , the slower the Web page will load ,  It is always better to avoid excessive use of Flash in a Website .

Despite the High-Speed Internet service available nowadays , Flash content takes longer than usual to load compared to standard HTML Websites , Flash does not display in search engine previews , The preview of search engines allows the user to get a better idea of what to expect in the target Website before visiting it .

Flash websites are slower than the sites that do not use it and this can turn visitors off , in order to watch flash movies , Flash Player needs to be installed .

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