Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) advantages and disadvantages

(ADSL) connection is a type of Internet connection that  is well-suited for the moderate gaming , the computer-aided design , streaming multimedia , and downloading the large files , It can be used for internet access at the same time as the voice calls , And it can be used for email and to receive the faxes .

You have to know that DSL ( Digital Subscriber Line ) is a service which offers a faster Internet connection than a standard dial-up connection while ADSL ( Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ) is a type of DSL , It is a broadband connection technology that enables the computers to connect to each other over Internet using the existing copper wired telephone networks .

DSL technology works by splitting the existing telephone line signal into two which are the voice and the data , ADSL uses most of the channel to transmit downstream to the user and only a small part to receive information from the user .

It is very important to know that ADSL is a replacement for dial-up modems and ISDN , It appears to be always online , so , You do not wait to get connected to the Internet , The phone calls can be made at the same time as the ADSL link is being used .

ADSL connection

ADSL connection

The advantages of ADSL

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ( ADSL ) offers high speed connection , You can use the phone line while connected , It presents fixed monthly cost , It has good value for the money , There is no extra wiring , ADSL uses the existing phone line , And it has lower pings in online games .

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) does not present more dropped connections , You can talk on the phone when you surf through the Internet because the voice and data work in separate bands which implies a separate channel .

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) use existing infrastructure ( the basic telephone network ) , The cost and time it takes to keep the service available is less than if the operator had to undertaking works to build new infrastructure .

It is very important to know that ADSL users have access to the Internet , They do not have to establish this connection by dialing or signaling to the network ,  comparative ADSL compares with a switched network architecture .

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) presents connection speeds much higher than the one made by the dial-up Internet , It is technology for high-speed Internet access , you are able to surf the web whilst allowing you to talk on the phone simultaneously.

ADSL connection can use a telephone and Internet simultaneously , You do not need to connect or reconnect , you are always online with ADSL  , There are no call charges for using an ADSL connection like in the modem or ISDN connection , It offers you better internet functionality higher ADSL bandwidth compared with ISDN or the modem connection .

You can download the documents , the web pages and send email faster , You can view or send the real time audio and video files very quickly , ADSL can be very useful to the businesses to cut the call costs to the customers internationally , ADSL service is typically configured to the internet usage as downloading is higher than uploading .

It is very important to know that Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) presents a broadband connection technology , ADSL uses the existing copper wires that installed for the telephone systems to deliver the high-rate digital data , They can provides the customers with high speed data services even before switching to fiber-optics .

you should know that ADSL can offer high speeds around thirty to forty times faster than the dial up connection , It uses a wide range of frequencies , ADSL connections offers the bandwidth needed for high quality voice services , It is used for the web surfing , And the internet telephony and as a fax line at the same time .

The Asymmetric of ADSL connection is because of its different capacity to download and upload , It offers more capacity for downloads from the internet to your computer than for uploads , The information you can send out in the particular time is much less than the amount of information you can download .

You have to know that ADSL connection is very useful because most users download more documents , the web pages and the emails than they send out , It makes use of your existing telephone line and splits the signal into the voice communications and high speed data connection .

The disadvantages of ADSL

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) service is not available everywhere , It works better when closer to the ISP’s central office , It offers variable speeds depending upon time of the day , It presents faster download than upload , The line testing takes a long time .

You have to know that the home user is contended at 50:1 , you may share your 512 Kbps with 49 other people , giving you 10Kbps , ADSL is affected by the number of  people are using your line in the certain area , The connection is faster to download ( receive the data ) than to send the information .

It is very important to know that every ADSL line is shared among 50 users so the ratio comes out to be 50:1 in case of the home users , whereas for the business users the ratio is 20:1 , The users numbers can make your bandwidth fluctuate , ADSL connection does not offer any guarantee of the level service .

You have to know that ADSL can travel reliably over copper line only , so , if the telecommunications provider added the fiber between your organization and the local exchange , you will be unable to receive ADSL , When the distance from the telephone exchange is further , the signal strength is the weaker , Slower connection at peak times .

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