Microsoft .Net Framework applications , advantages and disadvantages

.Net framework is the programming infrastructure for building , deploying and running the applications , Microsoft has created this network , It is compatible with any requests and services using .NET technology including desktop applications and web services .

Microsoft .NET Framework consists of three major components which are Common Language Run-time , Framework Class Library and ASP.NET , .Net technology makes programming easy and faster and it is widely used across the globe .

Advantages of .Net

.Net framework allows the use of multiple languages , .NET has horizontal scalability , It creates a unified environment which allows the developers to create the programs in C++, Java or Virtual Basic , It Interfaces easily with Windows or Microsoft .

All tools and IDEs have been pre-tested and they are easily available in the Microsoft Developer Network , UI best practices are more consistent , The language integration is seamless because you can call methods from C# to VB.NET.

With Microsoft .NET Framework , the quantity of codes used in large web applications can be reduced , As Windows conformation and configuration can obtain at each step of development , The web applications developed in ASP.NET will be secured .

Microsoft .Net Framework

Microsoft .Net Framework

When you develop using .NET Framework , It offers WYSIWYG OR What You See Is What You Get , Drag and Drop of automatic operations are possible , It offers server and blueprints .

The development is very secure in ASP.NET framework as HTML and source codes will be separated automatically , .Net platform is the server sided technology hence .NET Framework code will be performed on the server before getting directed to the web server , ASP.NET platform is multi-language compatible .

.NET framework works on object-oriented programming , It helps to eliminate the amount of unnecessary codes and it involves less coding for the developers , The developers enjoy working on this platform as it increases their productivity .

Microsoft .NET framework is the best platform to develop fully functioning websites with the exclusive user experience and it provides the best performance , The interactive websites tends to attract more customers to the site , increasing their chance of being a potential buyer .

.NET framework provides the base class library which supports innovative web development , It enables to fulfill varied functions like graphic rendering and file reading etc , .NET has all the resources to provide websites with different functionality and manage it smoothly at the same time.

Microsoft¬†.NET Framework is the newest technology from MS for app development , It supports fully managed which means that it is easier to write code that doesn’t have lots of memory leaks , It offers consistent programming model and it offers simplified development efforts .

.Net Framework offers direct support for security , It enables the developer and the system administrator to specify method level security , .Net Framework simplifies debugging with support for Run-time diagnostics .

Net Framework offers easy application deployment and maintenance , It makes easy to deploy the applications ,  .Net handles the details of locating and it loads the components .

.Net Framework assemblies , Assembly is the elementary unit in the framework application , It performs many functions in programming , Every computer that has Microsoft .Net Framework installed with have the Global Assembly Cache .

Applications of .Net Framework

The developers can use .NET to design the applications for specific business functions such as finance , CRM , supply management etc , It can be used to re-design the applications to serve growing needs of an organization .

Microsoft .NET Framework provides the platforms , the tools & the programming environment for addressing the design , the overall management of distributed and multi-tiered applications .

.NET provides individual and business users with a seamlessly interoperable and Web-enabled interface for the applications and computing devices , It allows the entire range of computing devices to work together .

Microsoft .NET provides customized access and delivery of the products and services to the user from a single starting point for managing various applications , such as e-mail , Ready access to the information and multi-user , multi-device synchronization , It helps integrate various communications media , such as e-mail , fax and phones .

There is less time to produce the product , It is less complexity , It is easily to access complex O.S functions , It is easily to build Data Oriented Project , It supports huge DB functions , It supports Both Windows and Web Application and it is easy to create Dynamic sites .

Disadvantages of .Net Framework

.Net offers limited object-relational (OR) support as it comes with Entity Framework only , It does not come with multi platform support from Microsoft , and it is not available right after installing Visual Studio , Managed code can be slower than native code .

.Net framework involves a vendor lock-in , Future development is solely dependent on Microsoft , Migrating applications to .NET can be expensive , The applications running in managed environments may require more system resources compared to the applications that access machine resources more directly .

The time consumption may be more in some cases due to regularly occurring of garbage collection for reclaiming the memory , The framework may not be pre-installed in the older versions of Windows , So , It should be checked first and if not , you should follow the guidelines in the user manual , The newer versions of frameworks are not at all pre-installed in any version of Windows .

.Net framework is very easy to reverse , If you do not obfuscate your code , you may as well publish the source code , The footprint of your application can be very big if it requires a version of .Net that is not already on the computer and therefore it has to be installed first .

It is not suitable for High End Application , It offers low performance compare to C, C++, It offers unavailability of build in methods , .NET framework is free to download but Code Editor is costly and there are only few O.S supports .NET.

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