The advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows operating system after Windows 7 which comes with the improved file system ,  security components ,  network stacks ,  drivers ,  media and  graphic support , And it supports high resolution graphics and multi-core CPUs .

Advantages of Windows 8

Windows 8 has Internet Explorer 10 as a built-in web browser for improved web accessibility , The main features of Window 8 is the app platform with touch screen input , Apps can be downloaded from the Windows Store .

Windows 8 improved the internet explorer by adding the  new features and making the browser work faster , and In windows 8 there are two available browser where one works in desktop screen and other as a metro apps , And the latest version of Windows Internet Explorer is Internet Explorer 10 .

The load and boot up speed has improved considerably over Windows’ predecessors , This is moderately due to the enhanced resource allocations to the applications and the system , When compared to Windows 7 desktop CPU , Windows 8 has an even speedier boot time .

Windows 8

Windows 8

There is one feature that offers the most handiness to the users , Windows to go allows the users to make a copy of their OS whole with their settings , wallpapers , files and even apps , into a USB thumb drive , Plugged it into another computer with Windows 8 already installed , and you can boot up the PC and make it look accurately alike the OS you normally use , with all the settings intact .

The safety is the main concern for any operating system , Windows 8 makes the best of security ,The authentication method of the windows is provided by two ways by PIN and the picture passwords , Windows 8  is the most secure version of Windows yet .

Windows defender and also the smart screen filtering makes Windows 8 operating system to run without antivirus from the third vendors and booting is also secured .

Windows 8 operating system provides apps in windows store , Various apps can be downloaded from windows app store from the music player to the games , The application can able to run in both touch and mouse input , The application can run in full screen mode but if you want to minimize , It can be docked into the side of the screen .

Windows 8 has the innovative and energetic desktop , the tiles-based interface , or the Metro UI  will be the first thing you see upon logging in to Windows 8 , the UI seems to go by instinct with the  touchscreen devices like the tablets and the smartphones ,  you tap on those apps to open them , The grid layout seems to ease such interactions , You can customize your grid by adding and arranging  the applications .

It supports the low-power ARM architecture , It has advanced security features such as antivirus capabilities and supports secure boot , It has short boot time , Windows 8 boot time takes less than 8 seconds which is much shorter than its earlier version .

One of the main features of Window 8 is the app platform , Windows Store has a number of apps that are built for Windows 8 , And Windows 8 also supports Near Field Communications ( NFC ) printing . A technology which can aid in the financial transactions digitally .

The new Windows 8 will supply Windows Live syncing , So , the users can log in on any Windows 8 PC with Live ID and get back their own personalized settings on it , The desktop will look the same every time the user log in on a PC with their Windows Live account , Migrating to a new PC is most likely made easier when the user has all the important settings synced .

Windows 8  is very cheap as the cost of Windows 8 is cheap compared to few earlier versions , You still have the desktop there , And all the programs you used to do can be still performed with some improvements .

Disadvantages of Windows 8

There is no antivirus for Windows 8 , only windows firewall and internet security ( but available for win 8 pro ) , And Apps works only in the full monitor by occupying the full face of the monitor , No side apps can be run while we are using the apps .

It is very difficult to move between the screens , There is no option to turn the tiles into the icons , the tiles caused crash , The tiles interface looks nice when you have only limited apps , As you start adding more and more apps , the interface starts looking like a jumbled puzzle .

The modern interface of Windows 8 looks pretty but it takes some time to get used to this interface , the absence of a start button really rankles , Also switching between the two interfaces – Metro and Aero becomes tedious after some time  , Metro is able to work well on the tablet but the UI is not very compatible when used on the desktop , Metro multitasking is limited to 2 application only .

Searching for something is very difficult because there is no search button , It is very difficult to swap between different screens , The absence of Alt-Tab function makes it difficult when working with many applications as there is no easy way to switch between the programs .

You should know another disadvantage of Windows 8 which is the Metro multitasking  , In Windows 8 , in the Metro interface for tablets , the screen display two applications are lined .

Metro interface works well on the tablets but the User Interface is not very compatible on the desktop , There is a need of some kill-switch which can turn the Metro UI off .

Windows 8 doesn’t support any flash content on Tablet PC , It has been done in order to save the battery of the Tablet , It also protects our privacy and enhance the security of the Tablet .

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