Viber advantages and disadvantages and it is now for iPhone and Android users

Advantages of Viber

Viber is one of the widely used applications , It is very easy to use , It has an intuitive interface and has many options to use , the touch screen or keyboard , It works worldwide , so , you can make calls and send SMS to other phones where they are without having any contract with telecommunications companies .

You can call anyone all over the world for free and text them , Viber provides the instant messaging service that allows the phone calls and send the text messages for free , Your phone calls to any other Viber user are free and the sound quality is much better than the regular call .

Viber has a tighter integration with the phone , including a full view of your phone’s call log from within the app , It has full call screen notification when a Viber call is received and it has push notification for new text messages which lets the users respond without opening the app  .



Viber  should work on Wi-Fi and 3G , There are many free calls and text messages to other Viber users , There are group text messages and there is huge user base .

Viber integrates your phone’s address book and each time you decide to make a call or send a text message to a contact , You are prompted to either place a regular call or SMS through your mobile carrier to the contact or to make the call or send the message using Viber , Before initiating anything in the event Viber is selected , the number is verified to see if it is registered with Viber as free service is allowed only to those .

Viber application can be installed on any BlackBerry brand team in the iPhone and any other smartphone that uses Android or Windows operating system , when you have it installed , you can call and send SMS to all your contacts who also have installed , If you have the most current version of Viber , you can create your own groups to chat .

Viber has the option to share with your friends any image you have in your computer and even take a photo ,  And you can put text in it and send it to one or more of your contacts at the same time .

Viber have many emoticons  , It has an option to log the calls and messages received to consult whenever you want and you can return a call just to see the last time someone called you .

Disadvantages of Viber

Viber calls do not have any option for call blocking , So , you can not block the unknown and random callers ,  It has reduced quality with low Wi-Fi or 3G signals  and it is not available for platforms other than Android , iOS , BlackBerry , iphone and Windows Phone .

Internet connection through either Wi-Fi or 3G , Viber does not use your GSM architecture and service to channel the calls and messages , The things will remain free if you use Wi-Fi  with chances of maintained good call quality but you will then be terribly limited in mobility .

Without Wi-Fi connection , you are not able to use Viber , It can connect you only with friends and relatives who are using this app on their phones , So , you can’t message or call a non Viber uses through Viber .

You should install and register to use Viber again , If you change your number , There is no possibility to make calls to landline and other phone numbers as free calls and text messages are only possible to Viber users .

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    It can connect you only with friends and relatives who are using this app on their phones , So , you can’t message or call a non Viber uses through Viber .

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