Windows 10 advantages and disadvantages

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  1. Aryan Pandey says:

    That’s right.I have input windows 10 and remove it because it is bad to use for long time.

  2. Junior Paz says:

    thanks for the article….

  3. Rex Awungshi says:

    Does this mean we have to pay for it if we want to keep using it for long

    • Heba Soffar says:

      Who gets Windows 10 for free is mainly based on what the operating system you’re currently running. More recent versions of Windows can be upgraded, but the people using older versions have to pay to upgrade.
      when you upgrade windows 7 to Windows 10 within the first year , It is free to upgrade. You’ll also get free support for 10 years.
      It’s the same for Windows 8 users , Windows 10 is totally free if you upgrade in the first year.
      Windows 10 isn’t free for anyone currently running Windows XP or Windows Vista –, you’ll have to pay £99 up front, though all future updates will be free of charge.

  4. Jesus Rivas says:

    will windows 10 slow down my pc after I upgrade it?

  5. Jesus Rivas says:

    I noticed that vaio laptop display dimmed as if it is on battery power, I checked my brightness settings it’s at 100% my dimmed setting was at 30% I changed it to 3% or 50% It does not make a difference; from the keyboard (fn+ brightness key) adjusting it, doesn’t dimm or make it brighter. how do I unlock this feature?

  6. unknown says:

    thank u.information provided are extremely useful

  7. Abhinav says:

    nice piece of information thank you for showing two sides of Windows 10.

  8. Medard says:

    I have a PC using windows 10 but each day I open it ,the rate at which is executes diminish. However no viruses detected for I through scan it with trusted antivirus softwares. What could be the problem?.otherwise thanks for your good services provided.

    • Heba Soffar says:

      Do you download any programs or games from the Internet ?
      Because many programs and games from the Internet affect on the performance of the operating system
      If you do not download anything , You can change your operating system to windows 7 as it is better than windows 10

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