Stellar Lumens (XLM) review, wallets, advantages and How to buy cryptocurrency Stellar?

Stellar Lumens comes with high transaction processing speed (project throughput is more than 1,000 operations per second), it presents transparency (stellar has open-source code), it supports a huge amount of cryptocurrency, as well as fiat money for exchange, It  has full equality of all participants in the system, A high level of security is achieved due to the blockchain technology & the availability of autonomous peers.

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Stellar Lumens is launched in 2014, Market capitalization is $7.4 billion, Stellar’s ledger is a hard fork of Ripple’s that aims to be a bridge currency for cross-border payments, too, The only difference with Ripple is that XLM is being run by a non-profit company, It aims to compete with Ethereum as a platform for initial coin offerings, but Stellar deals with many competitions, from both Ripple & the traditional banking system’s dominant platform, SWIFT, which puts distributed-ledger technology with blockchain-like elements into trial.

Stellar is a decentralized platform that works through blockchain technology, users can share various assets, The coin plays the role of the exchange unit, you have a certain amount of BTC and you need to transfer it to another person in the form of ETH or any other coin or fiat, To accomplish this, you only need to register on the Stellar platform, enter the necessary details and make an exchange, XLM tokens are only needed to pay the platform fee, which is only 0.0001 XLM.

This principle of work became a reality only because of the presence of the project’s own internal decentralized exchange, It includes a special SCP algorithm, The blockchain of the coin contains all the information about transactions in the entire history of the project, the relative disadvantage of the project is the mining stellar impossibility.

How to buy cryptocurrency Stellar?

It is impossible to mine the coin, so, the only option to become the owner of XLM is to buy it, The most convenient way to purchase is a cryptocurrency exchange (Kraken, Bittrex, Poloniex and, of course, Binance), It is also possible to purchase tokens using various cryptocurrency exchanges, Stellar can have a very good future, as its technology solves a very important problem, fast & cheap exchange of cryptocurrency and fiat money.

The Stellar price is $0.11 USD for one coin, Cryptocurrency takes 8th place in the global ranking of Coinmarketcap, this project is very valuable for the industry, Stellar is built on a unique technology, with which you can quickly, cheaply and reliably perform exchange operations with various assets, many companies are actively introducing Stellar in their business & their amount is actively expanding.

Since 2017, representatives of Stellar have entered into a partnership with IBM, the largest corporation in the information technology market, The development team is working to improve its product, so this project has a good chance of success, so, investing in Stellar is a fairly balanced decision, But it should be understood that the cryptocurrency market is very young & unpredictable.

Stellar (XLM) Now Listed Coinbase Pro

Following Coinbase Pro’s recent listing of Ripple’s XRP as a liquid index, the crypto exchange has announced the addition of Stellar Lumens (XLM) to the elite list of tradable cryptocurrencies on its platform, In the company’s announcement, it was stated that “support for XLM will be immediately available in Coinbase’s supported jurisdictions, with the exception of New York State.

The Four Stages for Implementation

Just like any other listing, Stellar’s XLM launch will need to complete four initial stages before users can have access to it, These stages include transfers only; which is the first deposit for the initial twelve hours, The post-only mode will last for just one minute & will permit users’ post order, but they will not be matched.

The next stage is known as the Limit-only stage, and this stage will last for about ten minutes, and the limit order of users will begin to match, but market orders will be paused for a while, then the final stage, the full trading stage, will be available and will limit, market and stop orders.

Stellar has been launched on the platform, all four stages have been completed by the cryptocurrency, so, XLM can now be fully accessed by users of Coinbase, It is worthy to note that it will not be available on or via consumer mobile apps.

Stellar shares certain similarities with XRP in the aspect of funds transfer, As a cryptocurrency project, Stellar has a mission to make payment systems more functional with XLM leading the Stellar payment network to achieve the goal.

The Stellar project is driven towards making the transfer of funds cheaper & more comfortable, The project aims at facilitating payments between financial institutions like banks, businesses as well as individuals all over the world by linking them to each other via a big network of payment, according to reports.

The digital asset exchange based in the United States, Coinbase, seems to be ready to launch more crypto assets on its platform as long as the assets satisfy all requirements needed to be listed, Stellar ranks as one of the cryptocurrencies performing well in the market, The digital asset recorded a 7.33 percent surge which at the moment places its price at $0.11.

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