The components of the Earth’s atmosphere and the importance of them

Do you know what is the Earth’s atmosphere ? The Earth’s atmosphere is composed of a mixture of the different gases that make the life on the Earth possible .

The components of the atmosphere

The atmosphere is  composed of oxygen gas , water vapour , nitrogen gas , carbon dioxide gas , and  the other gases that occupy 0.97 % of the air volume .

Oxygen gas

It is very important gas that represents 21 % of the air volume , The photosynthesis process in the green plants is the main source of  oxygen gas on the Earth .

What is the importance of the oxygen gas

Oxygen gas is very important and necessary for the respiration process , and  burning of the fuel , Oxygen gas helps the divers in the respiration process under the water surface , We use oxygen gas with acetylene in cutting and welding of the metals .

Oxygen in diving

Oxygen in diving

Carbon dioxide gas 

Carbon dioxide gas  represents about  0.03 % of the volume of the atmosphere , We can use the lime water to test the presence of  carbon dioxide gas .

The importance of the carbon dioxide gas

We use carbon dioxide gas in making the soda water , We use it to make fire extinguishing equipments as carbon dioxide gas does not burn and does not help in burning , We can use it in photosynthesis process , the green plants take carbon dioxide gas  and give out  oxygen gas .

Carbon dioxide gas
In photosynthesis process , The plants take carbon dioxide gas and release oxygen gas to make their own food .

Nitrogen gas 

It is the most  abundant gas in the air , It is 78 % of the volume of the atmosphere .

The importance of nitrogen gas 

In the combustion process , Nitrogen gas reduces the effect of  oxygen gas , We use it in the industry of the ammonia and some nitrogenous fertilizers .

The water vapour  

 It is found in a small ratio in the atmosphere , The humidity increases in the coastal regions , It depends on the amount of the water vapour that represents in the air . 


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