Amazon Astro Robot review, features, advantages and disadvantages

Amazon Astro is a home robot that was developed by, Inc., It is often shortened to Astro, Astro was designed for home security monitoring and remote care of elderly relatives, and it can follow a person from room to room. You can stay connected from anywhere, You can remotely send Astro to check on specific rooms, people, or things, and you can get alerts when Astro detects an unrecognized person or certain sounds when you’re away.

Amazon Astro robot

Amazon Astro robot can keep home closer, It uses advanced navigation technology to find its way around your home and go where you need it. When you’re not using Astro, it will hang out close by at the ready, You can remotely care for aging loved ones, giving you peace of mind while helping them live independently, You can set up reminders, manage shopping lists, receive activity alerts, and more.

Astro robot can follow you with entertainment or find you to deliver calls, messages, timers, alarms, or reminders, It is designed to protect your privacy, you can turn off mics, cameras, and motion with one press of a button and use the Astro app to set out of bounds zones to let Astro know where it’s not allowed to go.

You can ring Protect Pro subscription, You can activate your 6-month free trial of Ring Protect Pro subscription, and have Astro proactively patrol, investigate activity, save videos in Ring’s cloud storage for up to 180 days, and more.

Amazon astro robot

Amazon astro robot

Astro robot can carry a variety of accessories like a Ziploc container, the OMRON blood pressure monitor, and a Furbo Dog Camera that tosses treats to your pet, You can dress up your Astro with an It’s a Skin wheel decal.

Advantages of Amazon Astro

Amazon Astro allows you to connect with your home from anywhere on this planet remotely, It allows you to stay connected with your rooms, things, or people from a distant location, It can notify you if any unrecognized person enters your premises.

Amazon Astro robot can keep patrolling your home, you can use the Astro app to obtain a live view of your rooms, You can choose certain rooms and viewpoints and receive activity alerts. Amazon’s Astro robot sports a periscopic camera that can be extended, It is more like an antenna popping up from the head of the device.

Amazon Astro Pro allows you to get a 6-month free trial of Ring Protect Pro subscription to take the security to the next level, so, you will save the videos you take from the Astro on Ring’s cloud storage for nearly 60 days, This is helpful for you to view any particular event from the past.

Using sophisticated navigation technology, the Amazon Astro robot will find ways to navigate around your house itself, The company calls this ‘Intelligent Motion,’ The Astro robot prevents itself from climbing down the stairs by stopping near the edge of the stairs at the moment’s notice.

You can call the Amazon robot ‘Astro’ to get its attention, and when you would say “Follow me”, the Amazon Astro robot will follow you, Amazon Astro robot can safeguard your privacy, You can turn off the motion, cameras, and mics with one press of a button, And the Astro app enables you to set up zones where the Astro robot is not allowed to enter.

The Amazon Astro has a cup that can be detached, you can make the device carry Furbo Dog Camera, OMRON blood pressure monitor, and Ziploc container to let it provide additional services, You can let the Amazon Astro carry small products around your house.

Amazon Astro robot has a visual ID, it can recognize different family members and send an alert if the device sees someone in the home it does not recognize. Astro robot offers good smart security, It has a pet camera, It offers impressive motion/navigation skills, It is handy as a portable Echo Show, It is kind of cute, It offers self-charging, and it works with Alexa Routines.

Disadvantages of the Amazon Astro app

You can safeguard the privacy of your house using Amazon Astro, But the addition of Amazon Astro in your home means additional microphones and cameras in your world, Amazon Astro robot can’t go upstairs or downstairs, It will be used only on one floor, and it can’t climb up or down the stairs.

Amazon Astro robot is expensive, The starting price of Amazon Astro is $999 now, $1,000 (or $1,450 once it’s publicly available) and this price might come down later in the future, The product page of Amazon Astro will be shipped only to the 50 states in the United States, the Amazon Astro will be sold only via invitation first. A subscription is required for some features, Astro robot can only map one floor, and it has no arms.

Amazon Astro robot features

Processors of Astro robot are 2× Qualcomm QCS605; 1× Qualcomm SDA660; 1× Amazon AZ1 Neural Edge, Display is a 10.1-inch touchscreen, 1280 × 800 resolution, Astro robot has 1× 5MP bezel camera; 1× 1080p periscope camera with 132° diagonal field of view; vision in both visible and infrared light.

Speakers are 2× 55 mm, front-firing speakers, 1× passive bass radiator, Connectivity is USB-C; WiFi Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac; Bluetooth, Dimensions are 16.7 in. L × 9.8 in. W × 17.3 in. H (424 mm × 250 mm × 440 mm), and the weight is 20.6 lbs (9.35 kg).

The weight of the charger is 1.75 kg (3.9 lbs), the type of battery is a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, The charge time of the battery takes approximately 45 minutes, the height of the periscope from floor 42’’, Display is 1280×800 resolution, the 10.1’’ HD display with touchscreen, Audio is 2.1 system including a passive bass radiator.

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