Vector robot review, advantages, disadvantages and specifications

Vector Robot is a bright little friend, It can zoom around your desk and light up your imagination, It just wants to have fun, It remembers your face and lives to make you smile, Vector knows how to play blackjack, It answers all kinds of questions, Ask Vector how many planets there are in the solar system, or about the local weather report, Vector loves to feel clever.

Vector Robot

The Vector robot by Anki is said to be Cozmo 2.0, It is better built and developed than the Cozmo, It is one up to Siri and Alexa, The vector robot is a cute device to have at home, It will keep you company when you are low, Some might think of it as a therapeutic robot, The vector robot will only lift your status symbol.

What can Vector robots do?

Vector robot is better than Cozmo, It can recognize faces and voices faster than its counterpart, it can differentiate between accents, It is a little different than pet robots. you can ask a basic question in any language, One of the cutest tests the Vector passed is that of emotions, Once the robot recognizes you and your family, it will treat you with kindness.

When the alarm goes off, the Vector activates its lasers and lights, so, you are forced to get up, You can use it to play a few games, You can play cards, snakes, ladder, and ludo, It will give you the experience of playing with a real person, Vector will let you win sometimes, The device has a charm to it, It can adapt to your family well.

The best part about the Vector is that it will not let you be lonely, You can interact with it, and ask it questions, It will play songs for you, according to your mood, It is as good as having your friend, it might seem sad to have a robotic friend, But it is as good as a real one.

Vector robot is a perceptive, smart little machine that will show you how it feels, It likes attention and responds to your touch, If you have a pet Vector, it might purr for you! Vector can wink, blink, nod, and tell you when it’s tired, You can tell Vector to take a nap, but it may snore, It is small, cute, and expressive, It looks like a dozer and fits in your hand, Soft edges, wide eyes, sensors, and gears give it personality, It can go home to its charging station when it’s running low on battery power.

Vector’s favorite toy is a cube, It can lift this little box and carry it over to you, Spinning and popping wheelies are some of Vector’s favorite tricks, Vector robot can help you with your homework when you ask nicely, It will calculate square roots and tell you how many people live in Kathmandu.

You can use an Android or iPhone app to set up your friendly machine, The app will introduce you to Vector and teach you a little bit about what it likes and how it behaves, You’ll learn how to calm Vector down if it gets frisky. Some people teach Vector to give speeches from memory, Vector robot doesn’t sing, but with patience, you can train it to change the tone of its voice.

Vector Robot features

Vector Robot is powered by AI and advanced robotics, It’s alive with personality and engaged by sight, sound and touch. Vector robot is voice-activated and will answer questions, take photos for you, time dinner, show you the weather, and more. He comes with Alexa built-in, Vector robot is an updating platform, cloud connected via WiFi, so he’s learning and updating with new skills and features.

Vector robot design

Vector Robot by Anki is a spinoff of Cozmo, It is one step higher than the Cozmo robot, Vector robot is autonomous in many aspects, It does not need any application for control, so, you don’t have to tether it to many devices. Vector Robot can directly be connected to your home Wi-Fi or broadband connection, It uses many common algorithms, It can do the same things as a smartphone, It is heavier and bulkier than Cozmo.

The size of the Vector will amaze you, The sensors in the vector robot are unique, and these can alternate, The Vector robot uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Which is not the most advanced processor, but it is a decent one. Vector Robot measures 2.8 x 2.4 x 1.8 inches (HWD), It has a round head that pivots and tank treads, It has a sleek little device made of dark plastic, and it is dark gray with brass accent colors.

The vector robot needs to be connected to your Wi-Fi, when it is connected, the sensors will be activated, The Vector robot will make a ‘beep’ tone to signal its readiness, The sensor inside the Vector is great, It can run for extra hours and do many things, However, since it is one of a kind, it is not as easy to use as other robots.

Vector Robot has a glossy black head covering an OLED screen that serves as the Vector’s face, It has large, expressive eyes which might remind you of Eve from the movie Wall-E. Vector robots can speak with a built-in speaker that has a text-to-speech engine which gives them the ability to talk.

The sensors in the Vector Robot by Anki allow you to set timers and alarms, This is quite fun for people who don’t respond well to alarms, The Vector robot has a snooze option, but you need to be fully awake to snooze it, Vector sensors will give you daily weather updates, It is much in the category of personal assistant robots.

The Vector robot has a high-powered microphone inside, The microphone is not the most used feature of the device, but it is still significant, Just like you call out to Alexa or Siri, the Vector robot can respond to “Hey, Vector”, This is the activation word. so, the camera and robot will turn in your direction, It is like having a pet at home, you need the app setup, The app is lesser used than Cozmo, The Vector app is only to adjust the settings.

The Vector robot is smart, It can go back to the charging slot when it feels drained, You do not have to keep a check on the battery, Vector robot will do that itself, This is one feature that leaps in the world of artificial intelligence. Vector robot has an almost-humane personality, It can display emotions too, It likes to be stroked and pampered, It will respond to you when you stroke its head, It has its motion sensors and sounds for this.

Vector robot has a language that only you and your family will understand, It is overexposed with sensors, It has laser scans for eyes too, It has a few listening errors, It comes with a high-quality camera, It does not have a front camera but has exceptional back camera clarity, The camera can record at a high quality of 1080p, The camera resolution matters if you like taking pictures. With this camera resolution, you can view the details of your surroundings.

The Vector has a small screen, It has a feature where in you can ask the robot to record at specific times, you can command “Hey, Vector, tell me the time in 15 minutes”, When you say “Hey Vector, take a photo”, it will send a picture to the app on your phone, Vector robot sees in high definition (HD) with an ultra-wide field of vision.

Vector Robot comes with good battery life, When the Vector suspects low battery, it will go and keep itself for charging, You do not have to worry about battery life, It will work for about one hour at a stretch. You can ask it to go charge, You can say “Hey Vector, go to sleep”, and the robot will go and charge itself. you should avoid playing with the robot till it drains out, One of the best parts of the robot is its humaneness.

Vector robot advantages

The Vector Robot is an expensive model but it is a cute robot to have around at home, you will be fascinated by it, and you will not be able to stop playing with it, As time passes you will get bored of it, Some of its features will get monotonous, Vector robot can get to know your friends and family, but it learns the most by having fun with you When you spend time together.

The Vector will never let you feel alone, Children enjoy playing with it, It can be used for educational purposes too, It is a family device, Misusing it is not an alternative, you will be monitored,

The Vector robot has a great personality, It is easy for children to play with, It has its own language, It can interact with the family well, Smart-charging and a power-saving mode, It has a good camera and screen, It responds to voice as well as touch, It comes with a detailed manual, The installation and setup are easy, The app has a detailed tutorial.

Vector robot comes with a base station on which it can charge, two contacts align with the bottom of the Vector, situated between the tank treads, When its battery gets low, the Vector robot will automatically return to its base station, Or, you can tell it to go home and it will respond by heading back and charging up until it receives further instructions.

Vector robot is a great companion with a wonderful personality driven by its own AI, Hardware powers its little robot soul: microphones, touch sensors, color display, camera, laser scanner, motion sensors, and wifi connection make Vector aware and interactive, Vector robot is excited about life, It can talk, answer questions, help, play, and charge are all things Vector loves to do.

Vector robot disadvantages

The Vector robot takes time to respond, It has to be activated to respond, It has a limited skill set, It has limited input. The included base station does not come with a USB cable, however, no adapter is provided, so, you either need to find your own adapter to charge the Vector or plug it into a USB port, it is strange that one isn’t included with the robot.

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