Cozmo robot review, advantages, disadvantages and features

Cozmo robot is a small, interactive robot developed by Anki, a company that creates consumer robotics products, It is designed to be a companion and playmate for children and adults, Cozmo robot has many features that allow it to learn, play games, and interact with its environment, With its expressive LCD screen “face,” built-in wheels, and range of sensors and cameras.

Cozmo Robot

Cozmo robot is a small, white and gray robot with red highlights and a square black face, it is a miniature robot created by Anki, Cozmo is made using over 300 individual parts, it goes beyond a programmable toy, It is curious, it has an innate level of curiosity, which compels it to explore the surrounding world, It has advanced cameras, sensors, a gyroscope and a downward-facing cliff detector, All data transfers to the smartphone or tablet, There is no image transfer to the cloud required.

The Cozmo Robot 2.0 is a glimpse into the future of robotics, it can read and respond to the physical world in a way similar to how humans do, It can absorb human-like responses from encounters and experiences, so, It can learn and adapt over time. the users can program Cozmo using Code Lab, the graphical programming interface based on Scratch Blocks that Anki developed, to create their programs and routines for the robot to perform.

Cozmo’s name is a combination of the words “curiosity” and “momentum.” Cozmo robot is fun right out of the box, His abilities and skills develop constantly with frequent app updates, to offer new ways to learn and play, Cozmo‘s advanced facial recognition software helps him to recognize faces and learn people’s names.

You can control what Cozmo says and how he moves in the new feature, and Cozmo robot performs, you can type a custom message, and tap tiles that correspond with Cozmo’s animations to bring him to life, Cozmo robot allows you to guide him through his environment using your smart device, You’ll see what he sees, prompt him to greet people and pets, and use his lift to move Power Cubes.

Cozmo robot features

Cozmo robot comes with clever facial expressions, highly reactive body language, and a unique voice, it’s like Cozmo rolled right out of a movie and into your life. It is decidedly durable, It is easier than you’d think and tougher than it looks, this educational toy robot is meticulously engineered for durability and security.

Cozmo robot comes with a new full-color display that will replace the previous monochrome screen, letting your new robot friend express a wider range of emotions. It has a beginner-friendly interface, It is the perfect educational robot for kids and adults to learn to creatively code, It offers a higher camera resolution.

Cozmo’s new 2MP camera can enhance his facial recognition; improving his ability to recognize pets and know when you are smiling. The vision capabilities are quite robust, These cameras work as tools like nothing else in the consumer robotics industry.

Cozmo robot will fit in the palm of an adult’s hand, It weighs only 3 pounds, with base dimensions of 5 inches by 7½-inches, There is no assembly required, It comes complete with a charger and three interactive power cubes, With the free app, it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

From front to back, the Cozmo robot is 10cm long, then 7cm tall, and 5.5cm wide, Pretty much pocketable, the Cozmo robot has a curious design, It has a 128 x 64-pixel screen that displays and animates Cozmo’s cartoonish eyes, it has a motorised head that can angle up and down, The head houses a VGA 30fps camera.

Cozmo robot is programmed to play challenging games, or in explorer mode where users can see the world from their robot’s perspective. The internal memory is as real-life as any, Cozmo robot can be fed up to 30 characters at a time and goes through a rather amusing process to learn proper pronunciation.

Cozmo robot can be connected to a smartphone or a tablet, the processor will function without an internet connection, The system uses an internal Lithium-ion battery, Average charge time is roughly 30 minutes from an entirely drained state, Each of the three-game cubes requires 1.5 Volt / N size battery, also known as E90 or LR1 batteries, Each cube battery can last up to 40 hours of gameplay before needing a new charge.

Cozmo robot comes with a companion app for smartphones that connects via Wi-Fi, It is used to both allow better interaction between Cozmo and the user, as well as offload heavier processing requirements to the smartphone.

Cozmo robot sees its environment with a camera capable of detecting faces, In November 2016, its camera was updated to include “night vision”, Cozmo robot has an “explorer mode”, explorer mode allows the user to manage Cozmo while it moves around its environment. “Cozmo Performs”, a mode added in 2018, enables users to directly control Cozmo‘s expressions with the mobile app.

Cozmo robots have proprietary blocks that contain sensors that are used to play games and allow the Cozmo robot to maintain a better sense of its environment, and they allow multiple games to be played. Cozmo robot comes with a series of mechanics called “needs”, in which the user must do several activities to “maintain” Cozmo, One of the needs is “energy”.

Cozmo robot is a small, lightweight robot with a singular arm and two treads, Cozmo’s body is primarily white and gray with red highlights, with a black, cube-shaped OLED display used as a face, Cozmo robot arm is used to touch and interact with its environment and the user, and it is used to pick up the cubes that come packaged with it.

Anki Cozmo Advantages

Anki Cozmo is a robot toy that contains sophisticated technology to produce fun games, It can be operated with Android and IOS mobile devices easily, It can mimic real human emotions and explore new things, It carries smart technology that allows it to unlock more games and activities, the latest features of Cozmo allow users to learn, explore and plan things.

Cozmo robot carries the best material for durability and ensures safety, It comes along with a charger, power cubes, and other needed accessories, It acts like a supercomputer and provides great fun at every level of play, Game-playing machine is easy to operate and allows to control with remote also.

Cozmo robot has smart sensors to sense the environment and other settings, It is easy to assemble as carries no parts to put together, It is a real gift for kids of different age groups, It involves a Cozmo Software Development Kit for better performance, Power cubes of toy operate on Alkaline N battery.

While it is innocently simplistic and designed for children, it signals the vast potential of artificial intelligence in the future, Cozmo Robot is a technologically refined product with the ability to analyze and adapt to its environment, It is a robot with personality. It is genuinely fun to play games with, and it is small enough to take almost anywhere.

Cozmo robot is a super-smart and utterly adorable tabletop rover who wants to play and be looked after, Anki Cosmo is a fun instructive toy robot with 3 shapes, It uses simple eye and mouth animations to express a surprising range of emotions, You can control it via a mobile app (Android or iOS), You use the app to control what games you are playing, fix, feed, and teach it new skills, while Cozmo reacts in many different ways.

Cozmo robot has an app (for Android/iOS), which is Cozmo’s control centre, from where you’ll give him a health check-up, learn how to interact with him, and unlock new skills, Rather than Bluetooth, he uses Wi-Fi to connect to your mobile device, Cozmo robot creates his hotspot, you need to disconnect from your internet Wi-Fi connection while using him, and it’s a tiny bit fiddly when he requires a firmware update, so you have to jump back to your internet connection for the download.

Cosmo robot accompanies intelligent power blocks, its application continually refreshes for new tomfoolery, Cozmo robot can investigate the world all alone, It has edge discovery smarts, its abilities and character develop continually, its AI takes into consideration genuine feelings, It’s sturdy and harder than it looks, For protection, no pictures are put away, Code lab is ideal for new coders, Just simplified squares and see cosmo showcase your creation.

Cozmo robot can interact and play games, chase your finger, and recognize faces, There are a lot of fun features, and enough open-ended games and projects to provide many hours of entertainment. everyone loved playing with Cozmo robot, the animation on the face/screen is incredibly endearing, and there are many entertaining ways to spend time interacting that will appeal to a broad section of children.

Cozmo‘s eyes are blue, It is easy to program, It has tiny blocks that change color, It can play with the blocks and you. It is very cute, It can play very fun games, It snores a little bit so it is not annoying, It can start playing games or singing on its own, You can change its voice by shaking one of the blocks in the middle of a song, Cozmo robot is very emotional, it gloats when it wins, and gets frustrated when it loses.

Disadvantages of Cozmo Robot

You should charge the battery with a power cube charger only, Do not expose Anki Cozmo to high temperatures, You should keep sensors clean for optimal performance, You can use a soft cloth to remove any smudges or debris from sensors, It is recommended for indoor play only. Cozmo robot requires a direct Wi-Fi connection, Facial recognition is hit-and-miss.

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