Facebook advertising targeting, types, Importance of Facebook Ads and marketing

Facebook offers many advertising options that can help you to reach a wider audience and achieve your business goals, increase sales, sign-ups or awareness. Facebook Ads are more economical, You can reach your target audience at an affordable rate compared to other ad programs, Facebook Ads enable you to adjust your budget while reaching people globally from your PCs, Laptops or Smartphones.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is an effective way for small business owners to interact with their customers in a cost-efficient manner. You can share videos, photos, posts, and ads in Facebook, When people think that your ad is interesting, made with full creativity, or informative, they like, comment, and share it.

Facebook is a social media platform, If someone clicks your ad and comments about that, it will appear in your friends’ newsfeeds, So, it is like exposing your ads double. Facebook ads enable you to set a particular target client based on the age of the users, Aside from filtering the age bracket of potential customers, you can filter them through the places where the users live, called the local awareness advertisements.

So, Facebook Ads can be sent to people who are within or near the area of your business. They are cheaper than other advertisement services online, they offer longer placement for text which can help a lot in introducing your business to your potential consumers.  

Types of Facebook advertising

You can pay for your post to reach a wider audience (Promoted posts), there are vertical full-screen ads (Stories), You can encourage users to like your Facebook page (page like), You can push traffic to your website (clicks to the website), you can use video content to push traffic to your website (Click to website videos).

You can encourage users to take action on your site such as sign-up for your newsletter (Website conversion), You can link directly to the app store (App installs), You can link to a specific part of your app such as a purchase page (App engagement). there are interactive app previews (Playable), you can focus on targeting users near your business location (Local awareness).

Video views and slideshows can be a visually engaging way to communicate your message, you can advertise multiple products or promotions at once or highlight multiple aspects of a single product (Carousel ads). you can showcase a range of different products in a single ad that users can browse and purchase (Collection ads).

You can use remarketing to make your adverts more relevant (Dynamic ads), you can encourage registrations and sign-ups (Lead adverts), you can advertise through the Facebook messenger app (Messenger).

Facebook advertising targeting

Facebook generates detailed information about its users, so advertisers can reach specific target audiences in line with their marketing strategy, Some of the targeting options include:

  • Location: you can target users based on geographic location, such as those who live near your business.
  • Demographics: you can reach an audience based on their gender, age, language, recent life events, education, job & industry.
  • Interests: you can find potential customers who are likely to be interested in your offering based on their current interests such as films, sports, books, fashion and more.
  • Behaviours: you can target users who are more likely to make a purchase based on their previous online behaviour.
  • Connections: You can reach the friends of your current audience.
  • Existing customers: You can upload your marketing list to target your existing customers through Facebook.

You can download the application on Google Play from this link: Science online Apps on Google Play

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