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Facebook is an interactive online forum that encourages members to share information via photos, video clips, links, and written posts. Facebook has many useful advertising features, Facebook advertisements provide businesses with a fantastic opportunity to develop and deliver customizable and budget-friendly promotional campaigns targeted specifically for a certain demographic.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Ads run alongside a Like button, which can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign when clicked by a user, Viewers can make the decision to close down an ad, Facebook Advertising Manager section enables you to track the performance metrics intended to help you measure ROI & gauge performance.

You can notice the number of times your ad was shown, the number of actions or clicks people took, The cost per click, cost per like, and cost per conversion based on your specific goals. Cost per mille (CPM) means that you bid per 1000 impressions, Optimized CPM means that you bid per 1000 impressions, but Facebook shows your ad actively to the people most likely to take action.

CPC (Cost per click) means you pay a small amount for each click you get through to your actual website, CPA (Cost per action) is the best for the companies that are looking for users to take an action when they see your ad such as liking a page, you can target people in your local area if you run a business that is mostly local.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

You can use Facebook to target customers in your chosen geographical region, regardless of whether it’s a city, country, or village. with Facebook advertising, you can target users based on expressed interests such as business, advertising, or marketing, You can specialize that section by targeting small business owners, you can target specific genders and people.

Facebook advertising is not as popular as Google AdWords right now, Facebook Ads offers many unique features that can be useful for marketing purposes, and the development of brand awareness, Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the internet, with an average monthly income of around 1.39 billion active users.

Unlike traditional Google AdWords options, you can target your Facebook advertisements according to the demographics & interests of your users, rather than targeting according to what they’re searching for, the refinements that are available to you when you set up the audience targeting can be really impressive.

The minimum spend for Facebook advertising is somewhere around $1 a day, Even if your budget is actually small, you can still reach thousands of people so long as you keep your targeting criteria as specific as possible, if you had that amount of cash to spend in Google AdWords, you’d be lucky to end up with one click a day.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

Lots of users can use Facebook, the people online are your potential customers, you need contacts that can help you to expand more in your business, So, Facebook ads present an advertisement to a huge crowd, All People can use Facebook, from students to workers, young and old, and it is a hassle-free way to display your business, and some clicks can reach millions of people.

Facebook Ads give you more flexibility than Google Adwords, With Facebook ads, you are given more character length for your ad descriptions compared to Google Adwords, Facebook gives you the option to create image-based ads.

You can present promos from your Facebook Fan Page, This is an affordable way of connecting with your customers & prospects, it allows you to build your brand image, You can update your latest product launches and keep your customers abreast to your latest promotions & special events.

Facebook users can like, comment and share the content you post to your Business Page. You can sell your products on this page, Facebook currently does not support sales of services, You have the option to redirect sales to your website at checkout or allow customers to checkout via Facebook.

Social networking allows you to create and nurture relationships with customers, Customers can share their opinions, leave reviews & ask questions on your Facebook Business Page. You can use the demographics data shared by Facebook users such as location, age & interests, This allows you to optimize your ad spending & reach your ideal customer.

The structure of Facebook allows you to make it more interactive, You can gain the benefits of using buttons like subscribe or submit to begin a fruitful engagement with the visitor and convert it into sales. There are a large number of users, you can spend money on Facebook ads, the amount is lower than the money you might need to spend on other digital initiatives.

Disadvantages of Facebook Ads

Some smaller businesses have decried the cost of advertising on Facebook, as it can get quite costly, While mid-sized and larger businesses should have a little issue paying for ads, there is little control over who posts information or what posts contain.

Competition on Facebook is very tight, so, It is hard to stand out, When you just launch a new ad, new ads are coming from the competitors as well, Duplication of the contents on your page by others can be done, Although there are many automated services that can post your social media content for you, these programs can’t do everything, you should respond to most of the customer questions & comments you receive.

It is very difficult that Facebook Ads attract people’s attention, People on Facebook are busy with their own stuff, communicating with friends, sharing pictures & videos, and updating their own profile, ads are being snubbed by busy users most especially if the ads are dull & plain, So if you are planning to put ads on Facebook, it requires a lot of creativity.

However social media offers a great opportunity for businesses to communicate with their customers, there is a downside, It only takes one dissatisfied customer to post a negative comment on your Facebook page, Make sure that your Facebook page (including all social media sites) is closely monitored.

When the customer tried your product & services and encountered something bad or he didn’t like the experience at all, he can comment on your Facebook page right away, Many customers can read negative comments, so your sales will be reduced. It is easy for a competitor, angry customer or disgruntled employee to post accusatory comments that are inflammatory, derogatory or otherwise slanderous to your business on your Facebook wall.

It is a problem that can hurt you more if your advertising campaign is not the best in class, or if there is a problem in your product or service, The criticism would be in your face and would be seen by all visitors such as good comments work in a crescendo and add up, the same thing happens to negative comments, and the negativity just piles up.

Facebook marketing, maintaining Facebook ads & pages need a lot of time, resources, and energy, Earning likes and followers can’t happen overnight, so you need to do a lot of promotion, if you reach more likers and followers, you need to do a lot of replying job on comments and queries on your page and the same with putting up attractive ads, there are lots of ads, So you need to think of things properly, which may cost you a lot of producing some effective campaigns.

Ads won’t guarantee your sales, It’s important that you have a well-designed and mobile-friendly website when the Facebook user clicks onto your website or blog, your web content should be relevant, interesting and persuasive, Content pages should be updated with new information that readers will find useful, beneficial or interesting for Facebook marketing to be effective.

On investing in Facebook advertising, you have one of two options: pay per impression or pay per click, Although the cost per impression is only 2¢ and the cost per click is 1¢, this may not seem like a lot, but there is a catch, Facebook can encourage the advertisers to bid a higher rate at the point of creating your ads.

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