iMovie review , uses , features , advantages and disadvantages

iMovie allows you to be creative & use any pictures , videos or music you want , It is a superb video editing software application that allows Mac , iPod Touch 4th generation , iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S & iPad 2 users to edit their own home movies , You can record your voice in iMovie , instead of having to upload from the other tools , You can use your voice & music throughout the entire video .

iMovie features

You can edit video footage , You can create your own footage to edit , You can create an interactive & fun learning environment , You can increase student buy-in to a project , You can create individuality among an assignment using all the effects that iMovie holds , It is mainly used to edit footage & images ,

You have the ability to fix shaky video , You can change the audio over a video clip , You can edit each clip up close , You can add background music & some visual effects , You can add text easily & make credits , You can bring the items from the other programs such as iPhoto , iTunes , Photo Booth , GarageBand & iLife

iMovie is easier to understand & it is easy to use , The boxes in iMovie is where you add your clips & still images , “Drag your clips here” section in your timeline where your overall production will come together and the media section is where you can add audio via GarageBand & the default sounds on the program .



You are able to use any design you want , You can use different fonts , titles and transitions , The keyboard comes with key shortcuts which you will find valuable in navigating through the footage , The shortcuts contain moving to the next frame , jumping forward , moving to a previous frame as well as marking the start & end points of a clip when editing .

There are many editing options that you will come across when using the timeline , There is color balance which ensures the tone of your video clips is well adjustable while color correction deals with contrast , brightness & saturation , Without the timeline , you will not cover any meaningful ground when editing your movie as it is very critical where all the editing in iMovie takes place .

iMovie offers the theater where all the projects are saved & will ready for play under any platform , To adjust the audio settings , click on the mega phone with the frequency coming out of it , A mini screen will pop up , Click on the clip you would like to adjust the audio for , you can click & drag the text to the point in the movie where you want it .

You can freely adjust the levels of your audio clip right from the iMovie but the clips have to be in the events browser , You can access the feature easily as you will need to highlight or select the clip only & then hit it off on the auto button from the toolbar of the iMovie .

Green-screen controls will come in handy when you want to soften the effects added to your movie , iMovie has the best & finer green-screen controls , The feature is accessible from the “video overlay tools” section and it is mandatory that a clip overlaps the original one on the timeline .

iMovie offers Trailers & themes feature , It will enable you to choose video clips right from the project to help you come up with the professional trailer , It might limit your customization options because it is template-based but you will be able to have short clips shared quickly , The other benefit of this feature is availability of themes for sports & news productions .

iMovie has easy to use trimmer feature , you can’t ignore it when using iMovie to edit your movies , It is responsible for speeding up the editing process & it is easy to use , The trimmer helps you determine the length & timing of the clip , If you want to access the feature in iMovie , click twice on the clip from your project & it will pop up after which you can drag in the video that you want to trim .

People detection feature makes it possible to detect the persons or characters in a movie , It is not designed to find out specific persons & their identities , People detection feature will track the characters & tag them to determine their number as well as the distance from the camera , But it takes some time to complete as iMovie should analyze every clip before detecting all the people .

It is easier to have your projects shared easily & quickly in iMovie thanks to Sharing options , Use the iMovie to upload your projects directly to YouTube , CNN , Vimeo and Facebook among many the other online sites where video sharing is supported .

To import video into iMovie , you either go to the file menu & click one of the three import options ( Import from Camera , Import iMovie HD Project or Import Movies ) , or you can simply connect a camera while iMovie is open and it will detect it .

In video , cropping means taking a section of the clip & being a zoomed in section on one part of the clip , you can move the cursor over the clip , and you can click on the icon that looks like a square and a green box will appear on the display at the right of the clips .

You can add photos to your movie to create an animated type of slide show , You can click on the camera button , next to the music note , and your photo library will pop up , You can pick your photo & drag it into the upper movie toolbar , You can crop your photo just like a video clip & you can adjust your length of the photo by clicking on the clock in the clip thumbnail .

You can click on the transitions button next to the add text button & an array of transitions will appear , You can click & drag the transition you want to the point in the clip that you want it and it will appear as a transition icon , You can delete the transition by selecting it and pressing delete , but you can’t move it .

iMovie disadvantages

The students must work on the same computer for the entire time they are creating their project , When the movie is exported , It can no longer be changed , iMovie is very movement sensitive , The users should have full attention on their project when editing a movie .

Learning of iMovie is a great challenging , The layout is not user-friendly , When your iMovie project is longer , It will take a long time to export into the format that can be viewed by the other users , iMovie is only available for Mac and iOS , It doesn’t have the full capabilities of a full video editor .

On iMovie you can only add 18 clips whereas you can have as many as you want on Final Cut Pro , There is copyright on some music created , So , you are unable to use that music , when transferring from iTunes , If you take the pictures off the Internet , They will be blurry on iMovie , so , It is best to use your own photos , Only people with Mac’s can use this device .

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