The importance and uses of carbon dioxide gas

Carbon dioxide uses

Carbon dioxide gas is very important in our life as it is used in chemistry for controlling the reactor temperatures , It is used to  neutralize alkaline effluents , it is used supercritical conditions for purifying or drying polymer , and the  animal or the vegetal fibers .

Carbon dioxide gas is used in making the dry ice which is used in refrigeration through pressure and cooling processes , where carbon dioxide gas will be  liquid by pressure and cooling , and the liquid carbon dioxide will be dry ice by relieving and pressure .

Carbon dioxide gas is used in the waste water treatment as a cooling medium in the environmental testing of electronic devices , it is used to add conductivity to ultrapure water , and it is used as an environmentally friendly supercritical fluid for removing the photoresist from the wafers to  avoid the organic solvent use .

Carbon dioxide gas in extinguishing fires

Carbon dioxide gas in extinguishing fires

Carbon dioxide gas is used in extinguishing the fires because it does not burn and does not help in burning , and it is used in making soft drinks , the mineral water or beer and rapid vaporization of liquid carbon dioxide is used for blasting in the coal mines .

Carbon dioxide gas is used by the food industry , the oil industry , and  the chemical industry , It is used in many consumer products that require pressurized gas because it is inexpensive and nonflammable , and high concentrations of carbon dioxide can also be used to kill the pests .

Carbon dioxide gas is used in making the bread bubbled , where the yeast produces CO2 by fermentation ( by adding the yeast to dough , carbon dioxide is produced and expanded by the heat making the bread porous and tasty .

Carbon dioxide gas has a great importance for the continuity of life on Earth as it is necessary for the photosynthesis process of the plants and all the living organisms , and it produces oxygen gas that is necessary for the respiration process .

Carbon dioxide gas is used in the pharmaceutical and other chemical processing as it is a less toxic alternative to more traditional solvents such as organochlorides , It is used in the chemical industry , It is used for the production of urea , carbonates , bicarbonates , and sodium salicylate .

Carbon dioxide gas is used in medicine as up to 5% carbon dioxide is added to pure oxygen for stimulation of breathing after apnea and to stabilize the O2 / CO2 balance in the  blood .

Carbon dioxide gas is used  in  packaging of foodstuffs as its inerting and bacteriostatic properties being used successfully in nitrogen mixtures  to increase the shelf life of many food products .

Small amounts of liquid carbon dioxide gas can be used in recycling of waters from Acid Mine Drainage ( AMD ) , It can be used in  the non ferrous metallurgy , carbon dioxide is used for fume suppression during ladle transfer of matte ( Cu / Ni production ) or bullion ( Zn / Pb production ) .

The properties of carbon dioxide gas

What are the sources of carbon dioxide gas ?

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