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How does the plant make its own food by the photosynthesis process ?

The photosynthesis process

The green plant makes its own food by the photosynthesis process in its green leaves as they contain the chloroplasts , The green plant is called a producer organism , and the plant is the main source of the food and the energy for man and most of the animals .

The photosynthesis process is a biological process takes place in the green parts ( the leaves ) of the plant to make its own food ( the carbohydrate which is sugar or starch ) in the existence of the sunlight , the water , carbon dioxide gas and some mineral salts and oxygen gas is released .

Photosynthesis process

Photosynthesis process

The factors for the photosynthesis process are the sunlight , the chloroplasts , carbon dioxide gas ( produced from the respiration ) , the water and the mineral salts .

The green plant produce the starch or sugar ( the carbohydrate ) and oxygen gas ( needed for respiration ) , The green leaves of the plant absorb the sunlight by the chloroplasts which give the plant its green colour .

The plant absorbs the water and the mineral salts from the soil through the roots that transport them to the stem , then to the leaves .

The plant leaves absorb carbon dioxide gas from the air , and all the previous substances react together to produce the plant food ( starch or sugar ) and oxygen gas .

In the photosynthesis process , the green plants use carbon dioxide gas and release oxygen gas , In the respiration process of the plants and the animals , oxygen gas is used and carbon dioxide gas is produced .

The green plant is necessary for keeping the ratio of oxygen gas and carbon dioxide gas constant in the air .

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