The importance and uses of nitrogen gas

Nitrogen gas is used in small amounts to fill some types of lamps, In incandescent light bulbs as an inexpensive alternative to argon, and it is used to store the petroleum liquified explosive and flammable materials because nitrogen gas is an active element.

Nitrogen gas uses

Nitrogen gas is used in chemicals, liquid nitrogen is used in the storage to protect the raw materials or finished products from the formation of peroxides and from the contamination by oxygenated components.

 Nitrogen gas is used in the preparation of the catalysts and the transportation of polymer powders, It is used as a medium for the exhaust of emitted heat in the fluid bed reactors, and it is used to control the temperature in the reactors.

Nitrogen gas is recently used in filling car tires, it causes relative constancy of the volume of tires when the temperature changes, and it is used in filling the race cars and aircraft due to its inertness and lack of moisture or oxidative quantities.

Nitrogen gas

Nitrogen gas

The tires filling with nitrogen increase their lifetime and therefore decrease the recycling or treatment of this waste, and nitrogen is used in some aircraft fuel systems to reduce the fire hazard.

Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze, cool, store and preserve the food products to be transferred easily while gaseous nitrogen is used in the foodstuffs to avoid the oxidation or micro-organism growth by inerting of liquids.

Liquified nitrogen is used in the treatment for the skin tumors, nitrogen gas is used in the healthcare in the low-temperature preservation of living tissues and cells.

Nitrogen gas is used in the manufacturing of the gunpowder, the electronic devices, and stainless steel, and it is used in making ammonium nitrate and ammonia which are used in the manufacture of soil fertilizers.

Nitrogen gas is very important in electronics as it is used as a carrier gas for overall protection against the impurities and oxidation in semiconductor and soldering processes, and cold and liquid nitrogen is used as a cooling medium in the environmental testing of electronic devices.

Nitrogen is a component of the special mixtures used in CO2 lasers, and it is used as a carrier gas in gas chromatography for various industrial and hospital analyses and quality control.

Nitrogen is commonly used during the sample preparation procedures for the chemical analysis, And it is used to concentrate and reduce the volume of the liquid samples.

Nitrogen gas is used as an inert gas especially to create or in combination with hydrogen, and it is used in the manufacturing of stainless steel.

Nitrogen gas is used in the photolithography in the deep ultraviolet, the nitrogenation is used to avoid the strong oxygen absorption of UV at these wavelengths.

What are the properties of nitrogen gas?

What are the sources of atmospheric nitrogen gas?

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