Metals and non metals and the economic importance of some metals and non metals

Metals and non - metals

Every day , we can see the matter around us which has a mass and a volume . The matter may exist as an element or a compound , The element is the simplest form of the matter that can not be analyzed into two substances or more .

The elements
There are 112 elements .

118 elements have been discovered up till now . And they are divided into the natural elements ( they are 92 elements ) and the artificial elements ( they are 26 elements ) .

The elements are composed of small particles known as the molecules which are composed of the atoms .

The elements molecules are formed of the similar atoms that are different from those of the other elements .

The scientists classified the elements according to their properties into the metals and the non – metals .

The metals

The metals  are solids except mercury which is liquid . The solid metals as copper , aluminium , lead , gold and silver .

The properties of the metals

  1. You should know that the metals are shiny . And they have metallic luster if they are pure .

  2. They are good conductors of the electricity .

  3. They are good conductors of the heat .

  4. They have high melting and boiling point .

  5. They can be bend , They are malleable , And they can be hammered to form sheets .

The non-metals 

They are solids as sulphur , carbon and phosphorous . They are liquids as bromine , And they are gases as oxygen and nitrogen .

The properties of the non-metals

  1. They do not have metallic luster , They are not shiny .

  2. They are not malleable or they can not be hammered . They can not be bend .

  3. They are bad conductors of the heat .

  4. They are bad conductors of the electricity except carbon .

  5. They have low melting and boiling points .

  1. Metals and non metals properties
    The difference between metals and non – metals .
Some metals and non metals economic importance

Iron is very important in making the bridges , the car chassis ( the car frames ) , the doors and the sheet lights ( The lamp posts ) , And it is a metal .

Copper is very important in making  the electric wires , the statues and the metallic coins , And it is a metal .

Aluminium is very important in the manufacture of the cooking pans , The foil paper and some doorknobs , And it is a metal .

Gold and silver are used in making jewellery , And they are metals .

Carbon ( graphite ) is used in making of the positive electrodes ( The poles ) of the dry batteries ( the cells ) , And it is non metal .

Mercury metal is used in making of the thermometers .

Radius property , Ionization potential , Electron affinity & Electronegativity

Modern periodic table and classification of Elements

Metallic & nonmetallic property , Acidic & basic property in the periodic table

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