EMIEW 3 robot review, advantages, features and What can EMIEW3 actually do?

EMIEW 3 robot can assist lost tourists at airports, give workers a hand at the office, or greet customers at retail stores, It is a friendly robot that rolls along at human speed to help people, EMIEW 3 is a humanoid robot with an enhanced degree of autonomy based on EMIEW and EMIEW 2, It comes with a 14CH-microphone array on the head, front and back cameras, speaker, protector, Gyro, laser image detection and ranging (Lidar), Li-Fe battery and four-wheel locomotion, and it can stand up by itself.

EMIEW 3 robot

In 2016, Hitachi developed EMIEW 3 along with a new robot IT platform with a “remote brain” configuration, EMIEW 3 robot is used for practical service use at customers’ sites and it was developed for safer and more stable operation, EMIEW 3 robot is equipped with a compact, lightweight body (with a height of 90 cm and a weight of 15 kg), EMIEW stands for Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate.

EMIEW 3 robot advantages

EMIEW 3 provides airport users with information about airport shops and facilities and guides them to their destinations, It can respond to any question with a broad and deep knowledge of its assigned territory, It can contribute to customers’ satisfaction and operational efficiency, It can recognize three languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese, It can communicate with humans and provide real business support, It is engaged with human communication, autonomous regions mobility, and artificial intelligence (AI).

EMIEW3 is developed for providing services such as greeting customers or giving guidance in public spaces like stations and airports as well as privately owned businesses, EMIEW3 can assist our daily lives and live with humans, As to achieve friendliness of EMIEW3, its body is designed with the round shape, and its voice is programmed to be childlike.

EMIEW 3 robot

EMIEW 3 robot

EMIEW 3 greets airport users at a specially-created information counter, and interacting with them, EMIEW 3 can respond to user questions by referring to an adjacent information display panel, It presents information from resources displayed there such as maps, the airport facility overview, and photos of shops.

EMIEW 3 travels greater distances on the terminal floor to guide users who have asked for directions to their destinations. It can guide airport users to the nearest restroom, elevator, or other facilities, It can respond to user questions by using its autonomous travel function to guide users to the information display panel, providing answers and explanations.

What can EMIEW3 do?

EMIEW3 is capable of co-living with humans, It can start a conversation with the person who seems to be in trouble. This action requires three types of processing that are “image processing” to detect people who have stopped, “voice processing” to convert the recognized voices into text form, and “language processing” to respond through proper phrases.

EMIEW3 can extend translation services for 100 languages and update software easily, It can share destination information and offer a seamless service to guide customers who are asking for directions in the airport, It can collaborate to provide sophisticated service. EMIEW 3 robot can return to a standing posture after a fall, it can continue with the task at hand, It can handle voice, image, and language processing, along with data collection/analysis and behavior planning.

EMIEW 3 robot comes with a remote brain configuration that allows a lighter robot body, improved intelligence processing capacity, and expanded functions coordinated with outside systems such as surveillance cameras, This design enables EMIEW 3 to offer user assistance and information services more effectively.

EMIEW 3 robot helps in the care of the elderly, It can support customers who are looking for products at the electronics stores are finding the person who is in trouble, understand the question, explain where is the product, how much is the product, and what are the functions of that particular product, All three must be integrated adequately to provide satisfied customer service.

Emiew 3 features

HITACHI introduces a humanoid robot and robotics IT platform for the hospitality and reservation services market, The platform, called EMIEW 3, was developed with 30 units as prototypes for testing, EMIEW3 robot consists of the robot body and the computer system with cloud, It comes with a smaller and lighter body that can behave by responding to voice recognition results and realize accurate movements.

The length of the EMIEW 3 robot is 90cm, It has a weight of 15 kg, It can move smoothly indoors, It can walk at a maximum speed of 6 km/hour, It can work for two to three hours and it can connect to the network with the Wi-Fi 11a/g/n standard, It uses sensors and a locomotion system, with field data collected from microphone arrays and cameras. EMIEW3 will not cause any harm when it bumps into a person.

The wheels on the foot are quite unique, EMIEW3 has four wheels on the foot to move around freely, It can offer information to guide people, It is designed to be capable of conducting movements smoothly not only in straight lines but also in direction changes, It is capable of picking itself up from any directions without assistant after falling over. It moves very smoothly, and it can overcome floor-level differences by 15 mm.

EMIEW2 features

EMIEW is developed by Hitachi, It has another version that has also been made called EMIEW 2, Two Emiews have been made called Pal and Chum, Pal and Chum have a vocabulary of about 100 words, and Pal exhibited these skills by telling reporters, Both Emiews can avoid obstacles, and they have a top speed of 6 km/h (matching Honda’s ASIMO). EMIEW2 is about the size of a six-year-old child, It is a red and white robot, It glides everywhere on wheels at the bottom of its legs, It has a round, white face with two black eyes.

EMIEW 2 comes with the same voice communication and obstacle evasion technology which allows safe maneuvering between moving objects, as in EMIEW 1, but with the addition of autonomous moving technology which plots how to reach a destination by automatically mapping the robot’s surroundings.

EMIEW2 can navigate through corridors, around obstacles, weave between moving people, It can guide visitors to their destinations, It can deliver drinks and documents. EMIEW2 can recognize accurately human voices with serious noisy conditions in which the noises come from upper and lower, right and left, and various directions, moreover, the robot mechanism becomes a source of the noise.

EMIEW2 robot has two cameras mounted on its head to compare the colour and shape with images stored in its database, It can collect images of various objects from the internet and save them on an external database, It is more than just another cute face, It has enough artificial intelligence to identify and locate objects it has been shown, as well as recognizing human faces.

EMIEW2 communicates with a network of cameras mounted around the room, It presents guidance services for people, so it has to be nimble in moving around without bumping into people, and light as well so it wouldn’t hurt anybody even if it accidentally hit them, It is used for the elderly, hospitals, tourist attractions — and ultimately, the home.

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