Smart Doorbells, Doorbot Review, benefits and drawbacks of installing a Doorbot WIFI doorbell in your house

Doorbot is an all-in-one security and convenience device, You can download the Doorbot app on your iPhone 5 to start the setup process, Doorbot is compatible with iOS 6.1 or later and version 2.3 or later on Android devices and it can operate on 3G, 4G, LTE, and Wi-Fi, Home security has become a matter of increasing concern for people all around the globe, the crime rates are increasing and the bandits are making residential homes their primary targets every day, You should protect your house with a vigilante door bot.


Doorbot comes with a video camera, a doorbell, a speaker, a microphone, and a related app, It can be connected to your local Wi-Fi, and any time a visitor rings the doorbell, you will receive a push notification, The camera will automatically start recording live footage of your guest and give you the option to talk to them using the app’s “hold to talk” feature (Doorbot doesn’t save video clips like a Wi-Fi camera), Any time you use “hold to talk,” you won’t be able to hear your visitor speaking.

Doorbot app gives you front door visibility and communication capabilities whether you’re home or away, You can replace your current doorbell with Doorbot, You can connect it to your home Wi-Fi, download the Android or iOS app, and receive alerts whenever someone buzzes your front door, Thanks to Doorbot’s built-in video camera and speaker-and-mic combo.

Doorbot advantages

When you buy Doorbot, you can stay away from your house without worrying for a minute, Doorbot is a camera-cum-vigilante that will keep an eye on your house even when you are away and will inform you of all the visitors coming behind your back and if there is any suspicious activity going on in your house behind your back.



Doorbot sales are increasing by the day due to its features such as WIFI-enabled doorbells, WIFI-enabled doorbells allow you to access the camera of the doorbell anytime you want, You can access the doorbell using the Doorbot app which is available on Android as well as IOS.

You can answer the doorbell anytime you want, even if you are not physically present inside your house, This is possible because through the Doorbot app, the doorbell can be connected to your cell phone, so, and you can use your phone to communicate with visitors.

When you have a Doorbot installed at your premises, you will get a notification of all the visitors coming to your door, when you find a few of those visitors suspicious, you can take a screenshot of their faces on your smartphone, This will help you keep a track of everyone who has ever visited your house.

The Doorbot is one of the most cost-effective security covers for your house, and the Doorbot price tag is a delight, You can ensure the safety of your family and everyone who lives in your house, This price tag goes further down if you can find the Doorbot for sale, The Doorbot takes care of your house security as this house surveillance system has an adjustable camera mounted on it, A single fixed camera will indeed leave blind spots in capturing house images.

Doorbot Features

Doorbot is WI-FI enabled, It can be connected to your smartphone via the Doorbot app, You can see and talk to visitors through your doorbell and smartphone, Doorbot has a rechargeable battery, It can be charged using your existing doorbell wiring, It can be synced to your WI-FI within seconds.

The  Doorbot app is very user-friendly and allows you to access all camera angles, This doorbot is lightweight and compact enough to be installed anywhere you want, and it has very powerful night vision. You can use the related Doorbot app to see live videos of whoever just buzzed your front door and chat with them via two-way talk.

This Doorbot has adjustable camera angles that can cover all the blind spots in the house, Streaming live video requires 3 MBPS internet speed for a glitch-free experience. Doorbot weights 1 pound, It has dimensions of 5.7*2.4*1.8 inches, and it does not require a battery to work. BOT Home Automation’s Doorbot is a doorbell, camera, and intercom hybrid.

Doorbot disadvantages

The Doorbot Smart Bell does not have any storage space inbuilt, so, to keep a track of all the visitors coming and leaving your premises you have to take screenshots, the Doorbot smart doorbell has not waterproof, so, it becomes obsolete to buy this device if you want to install it externally, This doorbell can only work if you install it inside a shed and keep it protected from rain and snow, It’s ideal for inside-home use. the video is extremely pixelated, making it very difficult to determine who was actually at my front door, The “hold to talk” feature is more disappointing.

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