The structure and importance of the nervous system

The human nervous system

Nervous system

The nervous system structure

The nervous system is a communication and controlling body system , It consists of the brain , the spinal cord and the nerves , and it is the most important system inside your body .

The nervous system controls and regulates all the vital operations of the body , Because it receives the information from the environment and from the body , then it interprets this information and makes the body respond to it .

The nervous system is responsible for knowing if the things are hot or cold , sweet or bitter , rough or smooth , The nervous system adjusts the responses that require the emotions , so it makes you sad or happy , angry or calm .

The nervous system oversees and regulates the multiple functions performed by the human body such as moving , feeding , digestion , breathing , thinking and others .

The structure of the nervous system

The nervous system consists of two major systems which are the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system .

The neuron

The building unit of the nervous system is the nerve cell that is called the neuron , and it consists of two main parts which are the cell body and the axon , The cell body contains a nucleus , the cytoplasm and the plasma membrane .

There are some branches extending from the neuron’s body called the dendrites , The dendrites are connected to the neighbouring neurons to form the synapse ( the synaptic areas ) .

The axon is a cylindrical axis covered with a fatty layer called myelin sheath , and it ends with nerve endings called the axon terminals , The axon terminals are connected to the muscles or form a synapse with other neurons .

The nerve cell’s axons are grouped together forming the nerve fibre  . and the nerve fibres are grouped together forming the nerve .

Nervous system in man , Nerve cells types & Nature of nerve impulse

Nervous system ( Central nervous system , Peripheral nervous system & Autonomic nervous system )

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