Plastic surgery uses , advantages and disadvantages

The plastic surgery is the special type of surgery which can involve both the person’s appearance and the ability to function , It is one of the easiest ways  to achieve the perfect look and it is not necessarily performed for the aesthetics alone .

The plastic surgery is the surgical specialty involving the restoration , the reconstruction or the alteration of the human body , It includes the cosmetic or aesthetic surgery , the reconstructive surgery , the craniofacial surgery , the hand surgery , the microsurgery and the treatment of burns .

The plastic surgery and the cosmetic surgery treatments require the educated decision-making , the recovery time after the plastic surgery and the appropriate expectations , The name includes the word “plastic” doesn’t mean the patients who have this surgery end up with the face full of fake stuff .

We may require the surgical procedure of this type if an accident has left visible scars on any part of the body , The cosmetic surgery is not restricted to the face alone , The processes such as the breast implants or the liposuction are also classified under the cosmetic surgical procedures .

Any surgical procedure that aims to change the physical appearance can be termed as the plastic or the cosmetic surgical procedure , any surgical procedure can have dangerous repercussions on your health , So , you need to evaluate your decision well before going under the knife .

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery advantages

The plastic surgery offers the ability to use the hand , remove the skin cancer or close the open wound or subtle like the cosmetic or the skin surgery or rhinoplasty for a young woman etc , The cosmetic surgery has become one of the most popular events in the lives of the people of all age groups .

The plastic surgery  gives back the form and function that the damaged organ or part of the body may have had , The plastic surgery restores , either completely or in part , the structure and capacity that the incapacitated organ or body part might have had .

The motive behind the surgery to remove the birth the marks or to remove the unattractive looking scars , It is used in re-scaling of noses , It is used to get rid of the enlarged breasts or any other problem , The main purpose behind the plastic surgery is to get a great appearance and to enhance the self-confidence .

The plastic surgery is carried out for enhancing your appearance by improving your physical features , So , The successful completion of the cosmetic surgical procedures that result in desired outcomes can work the wonders on your self confidence levels and improve your self-esteem considerably .

The cosmetic surgery is a great way to achieve the perfect look you have been dreaming of , The well-executed surgical procedure can transform you completely , within no time and without any apparent hardships , The cosmetic operation offers the joy that comes with the successful operation and it offers much confidence .

The nose jobs can have the positive impact on the women who have breathing problems due to the deviated septum , The plastic surgery which is performed to improve the nose appearance can help them breathe better with reduced efforts from their side .

So , apart from transforming your looks , The plastic surgery can bring about significant health benefits as well , The surgeries pertaining to the breast reductions are known to prove beneficial for the women suffering from the chronic back ache , The great thing about the plastic surgery is that the benefits can be both physical and emotional , both the external and internal .

Plastic Surgery disadvantages

The cosmetic jobs such as facelifts can cause serious nerve damage , The damage can be dangerous enough to leave your face completely numb , without all sensation , It can persist for the extended period , till the nerves heal completely , In the severe cases , It can be an irreversible process as well .

The plastic surgery may incorporate removal of significant amount of the skin and the tissues , This may lead to substantial blood loss , the loss can be above the permissible limits , leading to significant risks .

There are some psychological implications of undergoing the plastic surgery as well , It may not be easy to encounter the revamped self appearance all at once , The patients may need some time to come to terms with their new improved personality .

The cosmetic surgery has some degree of risk , The complications are rare but they occur , The modern procedures have greatly diminished most risks , these complications might be enhanced if you have certain health conditions such as the diabetes .

It is important that you choose the experienced plastic surgeon which has a proven track record of success with less complications , You may choose the inexperienced doctor that has been trained to do minor surgeries , The scars may not heal properly or may not heal at all and the bleeding may not stopped .

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