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Computer engineers work in the aerospace industry design, They develop control systems & data management systems for aircraft, helicopters & spacecraft , Contemporary navigation , sensing & control systems are fully computerized , The subsystems such as the autopilot or the landing gear make extensive use of computers for actuation , sensing & situation awareness .

Computer engineering

Computer engineers in the military aerospace industry contribute to the design of radars , rockets , missiles and integrate computers with complex systems that involve electronics , lasers & optics , The computers programs implement all major image acquisition & the image enhancement in modern biomedical imagery using X-rays , ultrasonics , computed tomography (CAT scans) & magnetic resonance .

Bio-engineering & Biomedical Engineering have emerged through the integration of engineering & the life sciences , Computer engineering plays an important role in the biomedical engineering in the areas such as design & control of diagnostic , therapeutic devices , on-line monitoring of patients , implanted devices & automated measurements .

Computer engineering integrates the electrical engineering & computer science to develop the computer hardware & software , Computer engineers have training in the electronic engineering (or electrical engineering) , the software design & the hardware-software integration instead of only software engineering or electronic engineering .

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer engineers design the micro-controllers , microprocessors , personal computers , supercomputers & the circuit design , Their work involves integration with control systems , commercial & the industrial actuators and the elctro-mechanical devices , Engineers develop new operating system architecture , program analysis techniques & new techniques to assure quality .

They write the firmware & the software for embedded micro-controllers , designing VLSI chips , designing analog sensors , designing mixed signal circuit boards & designing operating systems , They work with the robotics research , that relies heavily on using digital systems to control & monitor the electrical systems such as the motors , the communications & the sensors .

Computer hardware engineers work full-time , Approximately 33% of their work requires more than 40 hours a week , They are able to design , research , develop & test many computer equipment , This can range from the circuit boards & the microprocessors to the routers , They work in the research laboratories & high-tech manufacturing firms .

Computer software engineers can develop , design & test software , They can construct & maintain the computer programs , as well as set up the networks such as the intranets for the companies , Software engineers can design or code new applications to meet the needs of the business or the individual , Some software engineers can work as freelancers & sell their software products/applications to the enterprise or the individual .

Computer engineering offers many areas such as Coding , cryptography & information protection , Computer engineers develop new methods for protecting various information , such as the digital images & music , fragmentation , copyright infringement & the other forms of tampering , such as work on the wireless communications , multi-antenna systems , optical transmission & digital watermarking .

Computer engineers work in the telecommunications systems & the networks ( especially wireless networks ) , the modulation , the error-control coding & the information theory , High-speed network design , interference suppression and modulation , design & analysis of fault-tolerant system , storage & transmission schemes .

Computational methods are applied to formulate & solve complex mathematical problems in engineering , the physical & the social sciences , Examples contain the aircraft design , the plasma processing of nanometer features on the semiconductor wafers , VLSI circuit design , the radar detection systems , the ion transport through the biological channels & much more .

The engineers work with Computer networks , mobile computing & distributed systems , They build integrated environments for computing , communications & information access , Examples contain shared-channel wireless networks , adaptive resource management in many systems & improving the quality of service in mobile & ATM environments , They work on wireless network systems & fast Ethernet cluster wired systems .

Engineers can work on the research projects which allow for reliable , secure & high-performance computer systems , The projects such as designing the processors for multi-threading , parallel processing are included in this field , The development of new theories , algorithms , and the other tools that add performance to the computer systems .

In computer vision & robotics , The computer engineers focus on developing visual sensing technology , The gathered three-dimensional information is implemented to perform a variety of tasks , These contain improved human modeling , the image communication & the human-computer interfaces as well as the devices such as special-purpose cameras with versatile vision sensors .

The embedded systems are found in many devices from a small FM radio to the space shuttle ,Ongoing developments in embedded systems contain automated vehicles & the equipment to conduct search and rescue , automated transportation systems and the human-robot coordination to repair the equipment in space .

Computer engineering use integrated circuits , VLSI design , testing & CAD that requires adequate knowledge of the electronics & the electrical systems , The engineers work on enhancing the speed , reliability & energy efficiency of next-generation very-large-scale integrated (VLSI) circuits and micro-systems , This specialty is work done on reducing the power consumption of VLSI algorithms & architecture .

Computer engineers develop the improvements in the human–computer interaction , such as speech recognition & synthesis , medical & scientific imaging or communications systems , The other work in this area contains the computer vision development such as recognition of the human facial features .

The hardware engineers create & test the physical components of computer systems , such as the circuits , the chips and the boxes , as well as the peripherals , such as the routers , the keyboards and the printers , Their developments are used in many industries , including the telecommunications , entertainment & the computer manufacturing .

Computer Engineers are trained to solve the problems in the hardware , the software , the systems & the networks that the devices − from a laptop to an airplane − work properly , They gain their unique expertise from both the electrical engineering & the computer science disciplines .

The electrical engineering background integrates the theory & design of electronics hardware with the knowledge of electronic circuits and devices , digital logic , digital systems , microprocessors , embedded systems , hardware organization & computer system architecture .

Computer engineers work on components , devices , programs , algorithms & systems that are used in computers & on techniques of computation , analysis & implementation that are applicable to single computers or to systems of computers , Computer engineers & electrical engineers are well versed in both the hardware& software and provide hybrid solutions on a regular basis .

There is a wide use of the computers across the industries & the applications , Computer engineers design application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for use in cellular phones , they devise and program field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for control systems in manufacturing plants & power stations .

Computer engineers develop the microprocessors for personal computers , They introduce the embedded systems into diverse applications such as the digital watches , portable music players , traffic control systems & the systems that control nuclear power plants .

They design large systems that integrate many components & computers , One example is computational grids , which harvest the resources of hundreds , even thousands of computers for performing intensive computations that are beyond the capability of a single computer .

Data grids also allow sharing & management of large amounts of distributed data (such as health information of patients in a country by the hospitals , or meteorological & other environmental information collected by thousands of sensors in the ocean ) .

Many computer engineers are involved with communication networks that connect multiple computers , sensors , actuators & special-purpose devices , Computer engineering is intertwined with the design & operation of devices & sensors , So , the line between computer engineering & electrical engineering is often hard to define .

Computer engineering gives the society many critical utilities , The computers & computer engineers have impact on public welfare & safety , as well as on health and healthcare , the environment , quality of life , transportation , the food supply , computing & leisure .

Most electrical engineers have to study & understand topics such as the computer architectures , the databases , the computer graphics and the computer languages , They are involved with the software that controls their devices & systems .

The computer engineers can design new architectures & new computer circuits , They can develop large clusters of interconnected computers , They work in communication system design & in all major varieties of communication systems , These contain broadcasting , telephony ( landlines and cellular telephony ) , terrestrial & satellite communication , networks & communication across the Internet .

They can design & implement the computer networks , They can develop communicating handheld devices & media players ( e.g., blackberries , iPods and iPhones ) , Large & small communication systems are controlled by computers .

Most developers of computer games hire computer engineers to design of both hardware (e.g., play stations) and software , The banking and finance industry offers many positions both in analysis and forecasting and in the computer-related areas .

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