Maxthon browser features, advantages & disadvantages

Maxthon Browser is a freeware web browser that offers a good interface on the home screen of the browser and it is faster than Chrome, It works exactly fine on Windows OS, It does not use a lot of RAM or CPU usage, It runs at high speeds, Downloading is very fast.

Maxthon browser advantages

Maxthon Browser keeps the PC’s working condition optimized while working on it, It does not slow down the system’s performance, It never confuses the users by displaying unnecessary Ads, It displays the genuine Ads (like in a blog).

You will never have to use an Ad Block here, you can open some websites that will not be responded to Chrome or Mozilla, It boosts up the internet connection to some extent and it tries to open the web page faster.

What sets Maxthon apart from other browsers is its ability to be used across different platforms and devices, It works on Windows, iOS, Mac OS, and Android devices, The browser has the ability to push, where the images, text, and video can be accessed from multiple devices.

Maxthon browser

Maxthon browser

Maxthon is independent of the operating systems as well as the device itself, It is cloud-based with all OS interlocked to each other, It can deliver features that other browsers cannot.

All data is stored in the cloud, so, You can access the data anytime and anywhere, The data can be exchanged between friends since they are in the cloud.

Maxthon renders text optimized for your eyes, It can remove the annoying advertisement unless you want them, It removes distracting features peculiar to certain websites, There is auto-brightness which is included to make it comfortable for the night or the dim-light reading.

Maxthon is automatically saving information about the websites you visited, and it fills them in the next time you visit the pages, So, you can log in the same website with multiple passwords and usernames.

Maxthon can locate every audio and video source links in web pages for downloading later, It saves the text notes and syncs with other devices you use, It works perfectly fine and smooth.

Maxthon allows you to synchronize your phone and computer browser, It supports sending a text, images, websites/links, and tabs to Mac, Android, and Windows operating systems, It supports downloading files in various formats and uploading them to ‘My Cloud’ for backup on any device.

Maxthon browser disadvantages

Maxthon Browser does not have a wide range of good extensions available on its store as Chrome does, This is a major disadvantage, Maxthon lacks supplementary features such as voice interaction commands and open-source development and it does not have a 100/100 on the ACID test.

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