Observing space and invention of Telescopes, Hubble telescope & Satellites

Astronomical telescope

Who was the first scientist who made the astronomical telescope?

” Galileo ” was the first scientist who made an astronomical telescope in 1609. It was made from lenses to collect the light in his telescope, He managed to see the mountains of the moon through his telescope.

Modern telescopes

The telescopes differ according to the type of rays that they receive such as visual light rays, infrared rays & ultraviolet rays.

Astronomers keep their telescopes in the observatories, These observatories have dome-shaped ceilings that are opened at night to direct the telescope towards any part of the sky.

In the observatories, astronomers can work and telescopes are kept. The observatories are located over high mountains to obtain a clear vision of space and monitor it accurately.

Hubble telescope 

Hubble telescope

Hubble telescope

It is the most famous space monitoring telescope that revolves around the Earth in an orbit of 593 km higher than the surface of the sea. 

Its length is 16 meters and it uses mirrors to collect light and electromagnetic waves. It was launched in a space shuttle in 1990 after 10 years of design and building it.

It is expected that the Hubble telescope will be expired by 2014, after 24 years of being operated, the Hubble telescope will fall to Earth in one of its oceans for its final destination.  

It provided us with the best photos of Earth and space since 1990 and the new James web telescope will replace it.

The Satellites

The Satellites study the stars and Galaxies from their location outside the Earth’s atmosphere, They are the astronomical observatories that are provided with cameras and telescopes.

Sputnik was the first satellite that successfully launched in an orbit around the Earth in 1957, Several satellites and space stations were launched in orbits around the Earth, They regularly send their photos about the Earth and the spacious universe.

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