What are the bad effects of drugs on the human body?

The drug abuse can be very harmful to your health, they are chemicals which can do a lot of harm to the body and the brain as drinking the alcohol, smoking the tobacco, taking the illegal drugs, and sniffing the glue can all cause serious damage to the human body.

Bad effects of drugs

Drugs impair the person’s ability to make healthy choices and decisions, they are different chemicals that can affect the body in different ways and they can change the person’s body and the brain may be even permanently, they last long after the person has stopped taking the drugs.

They can enter the human body in many ways such as the injection, the inhalation & the ingestion, where the injection takes the drugs directly into the bloodstream, and affect immediately on the body, the ingestion requires the drug to pass through the digestive system which delays the effects.

Most abused drugs directly or indirectly target the brain’s reward system by flooding the circuit with dopamine which is a neurotransmitter present in regions of the brain that regulate the movement, the emotion, the cognition, the motivation, and the feelings of pleasure.

When the drugs enter the brain, they can actually change how the brain performs its jobs, these changes are what lead to the compulsive drug use, and the hallmark of addiction. Hallucinogenic drugs sometimes produce very disturbing experiences and they may lead to erratic or dangerous behaviour by the user.

Bad effects of cocaine

Bad effects of cocaine

Drugs can weaken the immune system, they increase the susceptibility to infections, they can also lead to the collapsed veins and the infections of the blood vessels and the heart valves.

Drugs cause cardiovascular conditions ranging from the abnormal heart rate to the heart attacks, they cause many troubles in thinking clearly, paying attention and remembering.

The pregnant women who use the drugs endanger the health of their unborn children who could be born prematurely, they have a low birth weight and they have trouble with both the intellectual development and the behavior.

The drugs cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain, they cause many problems with the memory, the attention and the decision-making, the sustained mental confusion and permanent brain damage.

Drug abuse causes more deaths, illnesses and disabilities stem than any other preventable health condition, Drugs cause unintentional injuries, accidents, the risk of domestic violence, the medical problems.

Drugs can cause violence, infectious diseases, mental disorders, cardiovascular disease, stroke, HIV/AIDS, cancer, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and lung disease and hence death.

Drugs cause the liver failure, the brain damage, The students who use the drugs may do poorly in the school or they may drop out, The adults might have trouble with their work performance and maintaining employment, and the social relationships could suffer.

Sedative drugs such as alcohol and heroin can lead to fatal overdose, they can help in making the accidents, and the use of sedatives can also lead to the physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms while other drugs like cannabis cannot.

Stimulant drugs can produce anxiety or panic attacks particularly if they are taken in large quantities, they can also be particularly dangerous for people who have the heart or the blood pressure problems.

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