Ebo Robot review, types, advantages, disadvantages, features, Ebo Air and Ebo SE

Ebo robot is a versatile home robot with a camera, speaker, and microphone so, remote users can chat, Ebo robot can record video 24 hours a day from its dock or go out on scheduled patrols around the house, It has motion detection and night vision, Ebo can check on the kids or old folks, or play with a pet while you’re at work, Up to five different people can be permitted to jump into the driver’s seat.

Ebo robot

Ebo robot is a combined smart pet camera and pet entertainer, all in one, It comes with a companion application where you can access the live-stream video, and edit play schedules. Robots can vacuum our floors, watch for intruders or keep the company of our pets, they are invading our homes more and more, Ebo Air is one of four Ebo models, two of which are available to buy from Enabot: the Ebo Air and the Ebo SE.

Ebo robot has an autonomous mode, It can roam around like a robotic pet, It is a webcam on wheels, It comes with an HD camera, microphone and speakers to see, hear and talk to whoever’s home, It can snap photos and videos, and it can store them on an internal SD card, You can log into it through an app and drive it around the house from wherever it is. The Ebo app is free for Apple and Android.

Ebo robot features

Ebo robot is loaded with a few other features to keep it from spending all its time flipped upside down or stuck in the corner, It has ToF sensors that can detect obstacles and turn or stop Ebo, When it’s running low on power, Ebo robot will automatically return to its charger, It comes within two models, the SE and the Air, The latter is the more advanced version, which adds a laser pet toy, a more powerful processor, faster movement speeds and a drop sensor that will keep it from falling off tables or down stairs.

Ebo robot

Ebo robot

Ebo robot has a camera with infrared, It can take a video, It supports remote control via app, It can patrol for security, play with your pets and it can let you check in on your home when you’re away. Ebo robot can be used as a pet babysitter or as a home security camera, It can identify people and pets, it can be remotely controlled, You can talk and play with it remotely, You can set Ebo to find your pets, entertain them and photograph their interactions.

Ebo Air review

Ebo Air is Enabot’s top-flight home robot, It’s a mobile home security camera and is pet-friendly, It can locate your pet and try to entertain it with a series of moves and sounds, It can respond to people, rather than pets, You can schedule Ebo Air to come on up to five times a day, It can be customized and toggled on and off in the companion application, Once the Enabot companion app is downloaded and the Enabot is on the docking station, EBO Air scans the in-app QR code to finish registration, and it took about two hours for it to fully charge.

Ebo Air is a mashup of a pet camera, robot vacuum, and cat toy, You can manually drive the robot using the app, Ebo Air has a 1080p camera, with infrared capability, You can opt to use it in a fixed location, to view your home remotely while Ebo Air sits in its dock, or you can set it to patrol, it can record its entire beat, or take a picture if it spots a person or pet, in which case it’ll send you a notification.

Ebo Air has two-way audio, It is round, with a heart-shaped light where an eye would be and an aerodynamic plastic quiff for added character, It’s a bit bigger than a cricket ball, and at 330g, it’s extremely light. It runs pretty much silently, due to its brushless motor, on a pair of caterpillar treads, It comes with a small charging dock and It can return and reverse back into its spot, But it may have problems finding its way home, It can move in any direction, and it can avoid obstacles.

Ebo Air looks like an interesting smart home addition, packing in a bunch of features from a range of other household robots, It’s much more affordable than Aibo, more versatile than Vector, and more fun than flying security drones like Tando, Ebo will seek out its charger when it’s low on battery. It has a security camera, and it will send alerts.

Ebo robot disadvantages

You wouldn’t give control permission to anyone you didn’t trust, It can fail to return to the dock, and there is a security patrol setting. Privacy is a big drawback, Ebo robot comes with an internet-connected camera, so the hackers can scope out your entire house, But intended users might not be welcome all the time, It has the chance to livestream whatever shenanigans you get up to in the privacy of your own home, Ebo robot is very expensive, and it regularly overheats.

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