Reasons for Heating issues in mobile phones and Tips to protect your Android Phone from Overheating

The processor, RAM, battery & screen are the main reason of producing heat in your device, The processor transfers the information at very high speed, the screen emits light that makes the process heated, in case of not updating Apps, Apps installed on your smartphone might be suffering from a bug, so, you can fix them with an update, Screen brightness does not increase the temperature to a paramount level but it raises the normal temperature as it requires more power.

Reasons for Heating issues in mobile devices

The mobile cell phone can be heated, There are different reasons & symptoms of this heating problem, you sometimes face heating issues with your smartphone while talking, charging, playing android games or browsing the internet on 3G or 4G LTE networks, Heating increases in excessive amount in your Smartphone, it may damage the internal components of the phone, The electrical device or components produce heat as they work via movement of electricity.

Heating issues take place due to a major system update, playing games & watching HD movies while charging, Several applications are running in the background, The cooling system of the device is damaged and causes the temperature to rise up, Some third-party apps may cause the issue, The battery is faulty, and the device has liquid damage.

Heating issues are due to too many processes (Apps) running at the same time, missing updates on your device, Old battery or non-genuine battery usage, Too many Apps Installed on device, Long duration of Graphics intensive Gaming sessions, Usage of the Smartphone when charging, When the device is thin & it has a faster processor, and the device will get warm.

When you play video games for a longer period, you will exhaust the hardware components of your device producing heat, When you watch video content for hours that can destroy the battery health by overheating the phone, The settings of your phone can impact the amount of energy consumption of the device, It involves high brightness, animated wallpapers and using many widgets.

Overclocking can increase the performance of your device but it will produce heat on your mobile phone and battery drain, If your phone is charged above the required then excess energy is making your device overheated, So, stop charging more than required, If there are abnormal heating, then you can visit the nearest Authorized Service Center.

Tips to protect your Android Phone from Overheating

There are some solutions to overcome Heating issues, You have to disable unwanted functions like location settings, You should limit the usage of 4G and 3G Data for a longer duration as it can cause heating issues, If heating is very high, you can get the software of the device updated to the latest version, The factory reset can also be performed after taking back up of the data in the device.

You should not play Games by using VR & Camera for long durations, so, The battery will be overused, Using Google Maps & other similar applications heats up the device, as it requires the GPS and the screen to remain active for a long duration.

You should use a proper charger & charging cable that is provided with your device, using other chargers will affect your battery, You should not use your phone while it is charging as it is bad for your device and also for you, Do not keep the phone covered while charging, Don’t suffocate it, If you want your device to stay cool & maintain its battery life, you should make sure to charge it properly to decrease your device’s heating issues.

You can install a Junk Cleaner such as AVG Cleaner that will clean junk files and applications to free up the processor & RAM in your smartphone, This cleaner will increase the performance of your smartphones and decrease heating, You should install a good anti-malware app to make sure your device does not have viruses keeping it hot.

You can use low Power Mode, More power means more electricity that results in more heating, You can use this mode to save the battery life as well as to solve the battery draining problem in your smartphone, You should decrease the usage of network connections such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & GPS to cool it down,  services like Bluetooth, mobile data and GPS drain out your battery fast because they require a lot of power to work, the faster the battery drains, the hotter the device gets.

You should install an anti-malware App, Apps aren’t the only thing that uses your device’s resources, viruses and malware do this as well, Such continuous usage of resources is bound to make the CPU as well as the battery hot, You can use Antivirus software that may be very beneficial if your phone is attacked by malicious software, Many software uses the computing power of your phone to mine cryptocurrencies, Your Smartphone may be suffering from a malware resulting heating problem in your phone.

You can keep the device away from direct contact with sunlight, Sunlight can heat up the hardware components of your phone & which will gradually raise its temperature, which results in overheating, You can restart your phone, Restarting will prevent minor software issues, You should avoid use or charge the device after it has been in contact with water.

You should install an app to monitor & cool down your device’s temperature, This app features a one-tap feature capable of closing all such resource-consuming apps to allow the device to cool down, You should use cooling assistant such as CoolerMaster to cool down & solve the overheating problem in your Smartphone, CoolerMaster will automatically detect the culprit software or app that cause overheating to your device & will stop it.

Don’t run too many apps, With a huge amount of RAM in recent Android smartphones, background apps & services take up CPU resources, So, putting a strain & heating the hardware, You should disable unnecessary applications running in the background, If you have many apps running in the system, the device will heat up & cause the battery to drain quickly, After you disable some applications, try restarting your phone & observe if the issue still happening, If so, Restart your device in Safe Mode.

The purpose of booting is to verify if one of the downloaded applications on your phone is the culprit, in this mode all third-party apps will be disabled temporarily from the system to determine if the device will function normally, But if the issue still happening, then, there may be a culprit that you should find & uninstall to fix the problem.

You should update the phone’s software, If safe mode does not help solve the problem, it is possible that malware or bugs cause overheating and drains the battery faster, Although system update can be a factor that performance-related issue occurs on your phone, this would the consequence if your device is running an outdated operating system, the best thing that you should do is to check what version your device is using and if there are any available updates.

When the system has been updated, if the issues still occur on your phone, You have to delete the system Cache Partition, Caches are temporary files stored in the directory and it can be easily get corrupted once you do an update on your phone, even if it is updated or not you should delete the system caches from time to time to avoid performance-related issues to occur and to improve the performance of your device, So, You can delete all temporary files in the directory, so that new ones will be created and could run perfectly to the system.

You can reset your phone to solve a serious firmware issue, after all the methods and your phone still heating up and draining the battery fast, then, your last chance to fix it is to do a reset, the device will be back to its original form, So, all apps, preferences and important files saved on your phone will be wiped out, So, before you proceed to the steps make sure you created a backup for all of it.

After you do the reset do not install any app yet, instead, turn on the device to see if the issue will still occur, If it’s not, then, your phone may be bugged or has a serious firmware problem, But if it still persists, the best thing you should do is to bring it to the nearest shop in your place to be checked by the technician.

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