Wireless connection ( Wireless Internet ) advantages and disadvantages

The wireless Internet or the wireless connection is a type of Internet access which makes use of the radio waves , Instead of using the wires to gain access to the web ,You can make use of Wi-fi routers to distribute your wireless signal over certain areas such as your home or restaurant .

The wireless connection is widely used in the cafes , the airports and other public buildings , The computers can make the wireless Internet if they have a wireless NIC , The wireless router provides the connection with the physical network , The computer needs to be within range of the router to get access .

The wireless Internet uses the radio signals to send the data across the networks , The wireless adapter converts the data into the radio signal and the wireless receiver decodes it to enables the computer to understand it .

Wireless connection advantages

You can access the internet even outside your normal work environment , The new users may easily be included in the wireless network , The cost to install the wireless network is cheaper than the wired network , The wireless Internet offers flexibility as the radio waves go through the walls , And it is easy to setup the network card wireless computers .

Wireless connection

Wireless connection

The wireless Internet offers cheap set-up costs , It is not tied down to the specific location , You can connect the multiple devices without the need for the extra hardware , It presents less disruption to the building due to no wires being installed .

The wireless connection can be hidden , It can be placed behind the screens of these networks , It is suited for the places or the sites that can be difficult to connect the wired network such as the old museum buildings , It is used by many houses users , And it enables the user to communicate while on the move .

The wireless connection prices are not high , The cables or the adapters are not needed to access the office networks , You can be networked without sitting at the dedicated computers , This can lead to new styles of working such as the home working or the direct access to corporate the data on the customer sites .

Wireless connection disadvantages

The wireless connection speeds are slower than ADSL , It is affected by the surroundings , You need direct line of sight to establish the internet connection , It is less secure , There is the risk of the outsiders accessing your network unless the security protocols are enabled ( eg WPA , WPA2 ) .

You have to know that the wireless connection can be intercepted by anyone within the router range , The access can be restricted to the specific MAC addresses , The transmissions are usually encrypted using a key that works with WPA ( wi-fi protected access ) , And it is more vulnerable to the attack .

The wireless Internet is not as stable as the wired networks and it can drop off , The interference can occur , It will lose the quality through the walls or the obstructions , It is more open to the hacking , And it is slower than the wired networks .

You have to know that the organs made by different companies may not be able to communicate with each other or you may need extra effort to overcome these problems , It can be solid but possible to suffer from the radio interference from other devices and it can impair the performance .

The wireless connection is the weakest in terms of the privacy protection as any person within the scope of coverage of the wireless connection can attempt to penetrate this network to solve this problem , When too many people in the same area use the wireless connection , And the band of air that they transmit signals on can become overloaded .

The wireless connection has limited bandwidth , So , they cannot support Video Teleconferencing ( VTC ) , It is limited in its expandability due to the lack of the available wireless spectrum for it to occupy , It can be slower and less efficient than the wired connection .

The wireless connection can have a security risk if it is not installed and maintained properly , It does not require any physical components to connect up to it such as the wires , only the wireless adapter is required that increases the accessibility of the network to the potential hackers .

The wireless connection can be accessed by anyone easily , If it does not contain a password , It has an increased chance of jamming and interference due to the external factors such as the fog and the dust , the storms or when a flying object such as an aeroplane passes over the field .

You have to know that you may suffer the interference if the others in the same building use the wireless connection or where the other sources of the radio signals are present , And it leads to poor communication or in extreme cases , loss of the wireless communication .


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