Water pollutants, water pollution disadvantages and protection of water from the pollution

The water pollution

Water pollution is the addition of any substance to the water which causes a continuous gradual change in the water properties and affects the health and the life of the living creatures.

Drinking water does not depend on its colour or its odour only, but it depends on the lab analysis according to the standard that is put by “the World Health Organization” which is a guide for the different countries.

The water pollutants

Water pollutants can be divided into natural pollutants and artificial pollutants.

The natural water pollutants

The natural water pollutants arise from natural phenomena such as the death of living creatures, volcanic eruption, and lightning accompanying thunderstorms.

The artificial water pollutants

The artificial water pollutants arise from different human activities, and they are classified into 4 classes:

  • The biological pollution: It is due to mixing the animals and the humans wastes with the water, and it causes the infection by many diseases such as Belharzia, Typhoid and Hepatitis.

  • Thermal pollution: It is because of increasing the temperature of some water areas which are used in cooling the nuclear reactors, and it causes the death of the marine creatures due to the separation of the dissolved oxygen from the water.

  • The chemical pollution: It is due to discharging the factories residues and the sewage into the seas, the rivers and the canals. and it causes the increase of some elements concentration which causes great harms such as increasing the mercury concentration in the drinking water which causes the blindness, increasing the arsenic concentration which increases the infection rate by the liver cancer, and when eating fish which contain the high concentration of lead it causes the death of the brain cells.

  • The radiant pollution: It is due to dumping the of atomic wastes in the oceans and the sea, and the leakage of the radioactive materials from the nuclear reactors. it causes an increase in cancer and causes the genetic mutations which are occurred and lead to an imbalance behaviour of the marine organisms and their biological functions.
The radiant pollution
The radiant pollution causes the death of marine creatures.
The protection of the water from the pollution

We should not get rid of the sewage, the wastes of the factories and the dead animals in the rivers or the canals.

The chemical pollution
Discharging the sewage in the rivers and the canals causes water pollution.

We should not store the tap water in empty plastic bottles because the plastic reacts with chlorine gas which is used as a water disinfectant and leads to an increase in the infection rates by cancer.

We must spread environmental awareness among people to protect the water from pollution.

The stations of the water purification should do a periodical analysis of the water which used in drinking.

We have to disinfect the drinking water tanks which are found on the roofs of the buildings in a periodical manner.

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