The properties and uses of some elements in the modern periodic table

The elements

The uses of the elements in our life depend on their properties. The elements are very important in our life, And we use them in many applications.

The uses of some elements

Sodium is a metal, and it is a good conductor of heat, It is used in liquid state in transferring the heat from inside the nuclear reactor to outside. This heat is used to obtain the vapour energy required to generate the electricity.

Nitrogen gas is a non-metal element, The liquified nitrogen is used in the preservation of the cornea of the eye, due to the decrease of its boiling point.

Radioactive cobalt 60 is used in the food preservation, because it radiates the gamma rays which prevent the reproduction of the microbial cells, but they do not harm the human.

Electronic slide

Electronic slide

Silicon is a metalloid. The silicon slides are used in the manufacture of the electronic devices such as the computer, Because Silicon is a semi-conductor and its ability to conduct the electricity depends on the temperature.

We can get rid of the gases of the undesirable odours inside the refrigerator by using a piece of coal which collects the gases on its surface.

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