Periodic motion, Concept and examples of oscillatory motion

The oscillatory mation

The oscillating body moves around its rest position, and the motion is repeated through equal intervals

The periodic motion

The periodic motion is a motion which is regularly repeated in equal periods of time, The oscillatory motion and the wave motion are examples of the periodic motion.

 The oscillatory motion

The pendulum

The simple pendulum

The oscillatory motion is the motion of the oscillating body around its rest point, where the motion is repeated through equal intervals of time.

Examples of the oscillatory motion
  • The clock, The tuning fork, The spring, The stretched string, The motion of the swing, The rotary bee.
  • The movement of the Earth’s crust during earthquakes.
  • The movement of the atoms in the molecules.
Some concepts related to the oscillatory motion

The amplitude: the amplitude is the maximum displacement done by the oscillating body away from its original position, The measuring unit of the amplitude is metre or centimetre.

oscillatory motion

The periodic time is taken by an oscillating body to make one complete oscillation

The complete oscillation: the complete oscillation is the motion of an oscillating body when it passes by a fixed point on its path two successive times in the same direction.

The periodic time: the periodic time is the time taken by an oscillating body to make one complete oscillation, The measuring unit of the periodic time is the second. 

The frequency: the frequency is the number of the complete oscillations made by an oscillating body in one second, The relation between the periodic time and the frequency is an inverse relation.

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Oscillatory Motion definition, examples, applications & properties

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