The importance and uses of nuclear forces

The nuclear forces in the nature

Forces in nature

The nuclear forces in the nature

The scientists have discovered that the atom stores a massive amount of energy inside the nucleus , and it is accompanied with forces known as the nuclear forces which can be divided into the weak nuclear forces and the strong nuclear forces .

The nuclear forces take place between all of the particles in the nucleus , They take place between two neutrons , between two protons , and between the neutron and the proton , and they are used in the military purposes and the peaceful purposes .

The nuclear forces are about 10 millions times stronger than the chemical binding that holds the atoms together in the molecules , And they are know as the nuclear interactions or strong forces  . 

The nuclear forces appear only in the experiments on the radioactivity and on the nuclear reactions , and they do not affect the chemical processes or the physical properties of matter.

The strong nuclear forces

The strong nuclear forces hold together the subatomic particles of the nucleus ( the protons which carry the positive charge , and the  neutrons which carry the neutral charge , These particles are collectively called the nucleons  , and they have the shortest range .

The strong nuclear forces are also known as the strong interactions , And they are about 100 times stronger than the electromagnetism , They are used in the military purposes , They cause the energy to be released when a nuclear weapon detonates .

The strong nuclear forces release the energy when the heat is generated in Nuclear Power Plant to generate the steam for generating the electricity ,They are used in producing of the electric energy .

The weak nuclear forces

The weak nuclear forces cause the nucleus decay , They are attractive forces that work over a short distance and They affect all particles not just the protons and the neutrons and they enable the advanced medical diagnosis and treatment .

The weak  nuclear forces are used to get the radiant elements and the radiations which are used in medicine and they are used in the scientific researches , They determine the age of the organic materials from carbon isotope abundances .

The weak  nuclear forces are used to determine the age of the earth from uranium isotope abundances , They provide heating for the Earth and an energy source for the plate tectonics , through the decays of Uranium , Thorium and  Potassium .

The Sun would cease to exist without the weak nuclear forces , the weak nuclear forces allow the fusion of protons and neutrons to form the deuterium and the excess the energy from this fusion is the source of heat from the Sun . 

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