What are kinds of molecules ?

The molecules and the matter

The molecules of one substance are alike in properties , but they differ from other substance molecules , the molecule is composed of tiny structural units called the atoms , The molecule is a group of two or more atoms that stick together and they are very small that nobody can see them except with an electron microscope .

The difference in the molecules of various substances is found as a result of the difference of the atoms which are involved in the structure of the molecule through the number of atoms , the kind of atoms and the way of combination together .

Kinds of molecules

Kinds of molecules

Kinds of molecules

There are three types of molecules which are the element molecule , the compound molecule and the mixture .

The element molecule

The element molecule is formed of similar atoms ( one or more atoms ) that combine together , The element is the simplest pure form of matter which can not be analyzed chemically into simpler form .

The elements molecules formed of only atom ( monoatomic ) as solid ( copper , iron , aluminum , sulphur , magnesium , carbon ) , liquid ( mercury ) , and nobel gases ( helium , neon , krypton , xenon and radon ) .

The elements molecules formed of two atoms ( diatomic ) such as liquid ( bromine ) , and active gases ( oxygen , hydrogen , chlorine , nitrogen and fluorine ) .

The molecules of active gases are diatomic such as oxygen molecule , while the molecules of inert gases are monoatomic , Mercury is the liquid element which is composed of one atom , while bromine is the liquid element which is composed of two atoms .

The elements molecules consists of only one kind of atom , they cannot be broken down into a simpler type of matter by either the physical or the chemical means , and they can exist as either atoms ( e.g. argon ) or molecules ( e.g. nitrogen ) .

The compound molecule

The compound molecule is formed of different atoms . the compound is a substance which is formed from combination of atoms of two or more different elements with constant weight ratios , Some known compounds as sodium chloride molecule ( table salt ) , water molecule , and ammonia molecule .

The compound molecule can be broken down into a simpler type of matter ( the elements ) by the chemical means but not by the physical means , It has properties that are different from its component elements , and it always contains the same ratio of its component atoms .

The mixture molecule

The mixture molecule consists of two or more different elements or compounds physically intermingled , It can be separated into its components by physical means , and it often retains many of the properties of its components .

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