The type of living organisms according to their feeding

The living organisms

Living organisms

Living organisms

The living organisms are classified according to their feeding into the producers, the consumers and the decomposers.

The producers

The producers are the living organisms that can make their own food by the photosynthesis process.

  Examples of the producers
  1. The green plants
  2. Some types of bacteria
  3. The green algae
The consumers

The consumers are living organisms that depend on the producers directly or indirectly to get their food. They do not depend on themselves to make their food due to the absence of the chloroplasts, The consumers are organisms that rely on other organisms for their source of energy.

There are many types of consumers such as the herbivores that eat the plants, the carnivores that eat the meat, the omnivores that eat the plants and the meat, the detritivores that feed on the plant and the animal remains, the decomposers that break down the organic matter.

Examples of consumers
  1. There are consumers that feed on the producers (The green plants) as the human and the animals (as The cows, the sheep & the chicken).

  2. There are consumers that previously fed on the producers as the human and the animals (as the lion, the snake, the tiger, the hawk and the wild cat).

The human is considered as a consumer because he feeds on the producers or the consumers that previously fed on the producers.

The decomposers

The decomposers are living organisms that can not make their food by themselves due to the absence of the chloroplasts in their cells, but they get their food through the decomposing of the organic wastes as the dead bodies, the plant remains and the decayed food.

Examples of the decomposers
  1. Some types of fungi as the yeast fungus and the bread mold fungus.

  2. Some types of bacteria as the yoghurt bacteria.

The living organisms
The types of living organisms according to their feeding.
 The importance of the decomposers
  • They help us to get rid of the dead bodies of the organisms and the plant remains.
  • They are used in a lot of industries.
  • They increase soil fertility.

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