The characteristics and the importance of the thermosphere layer

The thermosphere  layer

The thermosphere  layer is called the thermal layer as it is the hottest layer of the atmospheric envelope . It is the fourth layer of the atmospheric envelope , The temperature of the thermosphere layer increases with a high rate as we go up until it reaches 1200 degree Celsius

Thermosphere layer

Thermosphere layer is called the thermal layer .

The thermosphere layer extends from the mesopause ( at a height of 85 km above the sea level ) to a height of 675 km above the sea level , Its thickness is 590 kilometres .

The upper part of the thermosphere layer contains charged ions and the pressure of these ions extends up to 700 km above the sea level , So this part is called ionosphere .

The ionosphere layer

The ionosphere layer is a layer that contains the charged ions , and it has an important role in the wireless communications and broadcasting  as it reflects the radio waves that transmitted by the radio stations and  the communication centres  .

The ionosphere layer surrounded by two magnetic belts which known as Van- Allen belts . These belts play an important role in the scattering of the harmful charged cosmic radiations away from the Earth . This scattering causes the occurrence of Aurora phenomenon .

Van-Allen belts

Van-Allen Belts play are two magnetic belts surrounding the ionosphere layer .

Van- Allen belts are called by this name related to the scientist Van-Allen who discovered them .

Aurora phenomenon


Aurora phenomenon

The Aurora phenomenon appears as brightly coloured light curtains seen from the both poles ( the North and the South Poles ) of the Earth .

Exosphere layer

 The atmospheric envelope is inserted with the outer space in a region known as Exosphere , in which the satellites orbit around the Earth with the cameras and the telescope .

The satellites are used to transmit the weather condition information , and TV programs .

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