Mobile dongle review, advantages, disadvantages and How does a dongle work?

The dongle is a USB device that lets users access the internet remotely via the 3G or 4G broadband connection, The dongle is portable, easy to use, and, best of all, so, you can get online wherever you are in the country, This plug-in is referred to as Internet Stick, USB modem, USB, USB network adapter, and mobile broadband stick in different countries.

What is a mobile dongle?

The mobile dongle is about the same size as the USB storage stick, dongles plug directly into the USB port on the side of your computer to access the internet when you’re out because the devices themselves are portable and easy to use, they are an ideal solution if you have a faulty internet connection, or if you need to access the internet quickly when you’re away from a router.

How does a dongle work?

The dongle is a very small modem, It can connect to wireless or mobile broadband 4G or 3G, the same as the broadband on your smartphone, When you plug the dongle into the computer, your computer is connected to the modem and you can get online, Unlike an awkward cabled connection, the dongle doesn’t dangle – it plugs in securely straight into your USB port.

Dongle advantages

The dongle allows you to use the internet from anywhere, whether you’re on holiday, in a café, on a train or in a park, Dongles are very portable, they’re small and handy enough to take anywhere, they can be used abroad if your dongle plan allows it, They are easy to use – simply plug into your computer’s USB port.

Dongles are powered by your computer, so no need to charge, they are great for working on the go, they are useful to have around if your broadband crashes, They can give you an internet connection in areas where fixed-line broadband is slow or unreliable, they are ideal for flexible, temporary broadband, with short-term contracts and pay-as-you-go plans available.

Dongles can be carried to any location, they are small and portable pocket devices, you can use dongles to access the internet as the best choice since they have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, In developing countries where there is limited access to public Wi-Fi, you can use a dongle by plugging on your laptop or tablet.

People use the internet to send sensitive information, they are avoiding open network sources to stay away from hackers, The dongle offers security whereby the web user can access the internet without worrying about being spied by hackers.

The dongle requires some basic computer skills only, There are no additional hardware or software needs to be purchased so as to use the dongle on your laptop or tablet, and this makes the USB on-the-go installation process convenient as compared to using fiber cables.

When the gadgets are boxed to a particular network provider, they can be easily unlocked for use with all other available networks, Dongles can be used globally, they allow users to carry their devices to foreign countries and reduce the cost of buying a new gadget whenever they are visiting different regions.

Disadvantages of using Dongles

Dongles present a limit in their connecting speeds, users who need fast speeds may find the use of dongles inconvenient, especially when live streaming or downloading large files from the internet, Network strength plays a great role in the use of dongles, it varies from one place to another, you may find dongles inconvenient to use when you are in areas with little strength 3G network connection.

Dongles require a USB port on your device, so, a dongle can only really connect to a laptop, and not a tablet, ebook reader, or mobile, dongles can connect to one device only at a time, If you want to connect multiple devices, you’ll need MiFi instead, More expensive than fixed-line broadband, and often a lot slower too, Download limits can be restrictive, Portability is limited to where you can get an adequate 4G signal.

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