What are eBooks?, Electronic books review, features, advantages & disadvantages

Ebooks are text, images, and audio/video packaged into a single electronic file, if you type a document in MS Word (or OpenOffice Writer), then save that document, which is already an ebook, Digital books can contain multi-media elements not available with traditional books, Audio & video can be embedded to make reading a fully immersive experience, eBooks allow you to mark passages, save pages and search text.

What are eBooks?

The ebook become more & more popular among people, It is a book in electronic format, It is downloaded to the computer, PC, Mac, laptop, PDA or any other kind of computer, ebook can be read on the screen, It comes with many pages, table of contents, pictures & graphics, exactly like a printed book, It is very easy to purchase & download ebooks through the Internet.

E-readers can hold hundreds of books at once, E-books are usually cheaper than paperbacks, E-readers are lightweight and easy to hold, The Kindle can download books wirelessly from Amazon.com, Kindle apps for other devices allow you to read your Kindle books on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android, The iPad can download books from Apple’s iBookstore via Wi-Fi, With ebooks, your file can be easily emailed to someone living thousands of miles away, It can be placed in a public server for anyone to download.

You can follow links When an author includes links in an eBook, Multimedia books could be the wave of the future, and audiobooks are wonderful options for people who spend a lot of time on the road, Read a couple of chapters while driving to your destination, then read the next chapter the conventional way while waiting for your appointment.

Electronic books

Electronic books

Ebooks advantages

eBooks can be an entire library at your fingertips, Although many novels are fairly portable, even in paper, there are some books that you would not drag around with you, This is especially true for reference books, but also for some very large novels, You can read eBooks in the dark, You can read them in bed without waking up your spouse, or without having to get up to turn off the light, No more flashlight under the blanket.

Ebooks have a multimedia format, Unlike your usual printed books, ebooks can contain not only text and images, but also audio & video, if the reader isn’t the type of person who likes to read paragraphs of text, he can choose to listen to the audio version, If your ebooks are of pdf formats and you want to read it as a text format, then you can convert pdf to text.

Some ebooks have flash applications that allow the reader to interact with the contents, This is useful for kinesthetic learners, you can share books that have not been purchased with others, It is as easy as posting a file online or, in some cases, copying and pasting the text from one document to another.

Many ebooks have a search button that enables you to quickly jump to the page containing the word you’re interested in, you can download electronic files from the web, Many e-bookstores will allow customers to download the first few chapters of a book for free, encouraging them to try new authors, and the free sample may well be enough to hook the customer on the story.

E-books are never out of stock, No waiting for books to be shipped, E-readers can display more than just books (magazines, newspapers, blogs), E-books don’t overflow one’s bookshelves, It is often possible to download a generous free sample of a book, Ebooks have low update cost, If the author needs to update certain parts of the ebook, he can edit the electronic document, save the updated version, and inform customers about the new release.

Digital books reduce the cost of enjoying your favorite titles, With no shipping & handling costs, eBooks have prices that are 50-60% lower than their print counterparts, they are more flexible than paper books, eBook readers can enlarge the font size to make reading more pleasurable & easier on the eyes.

For the author or publisher, e-books may offer new opportunities, The lower price of e-books makes them affordable to more readers, Some reviewers are willing to accept e-books, eliminating the cost of printing and mailing review copies, Making e-books available at very low cost (or even free) can help authors build their readerships, and some authors are beginning to offer free e-books of an earlier book when they are about to release a new one.

Digital books don’t require trees to create them, This is an eco-friendly option that both reduces cost and lowers environmental impact, you can obtain the information without leaving your desk, you can find a great eBook store, you can search for your keywords or phrases & purchase the book, Unlike paper books and materials, ebooks only require one device to carry around with you, so, you can carry a library of various books.

Ebooks disadvantages

Ebooks are not convenient to read for people who want to sit in front of a computer or screen for hours, Aside from gaining weight, sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause muscle strain, backache, and even an elevated cholesterol level, eBooks are harder to read in sunlight, The glare of the sun makes a screen hard to read, Books are still better at the beach, You need a device and many people don’t own devices.

Some people prefer to read text on paper when you distribute an ebook, your customers will most likely print it, And if your ebook is quite long, the printing cost will be shouldered by your readers, It is the same to dwg AutoCAD users, your customers may prefer to read your graphic by printing it out, but dwg format is not compatible on many printers, but pdf format can, so, you need to convert Dwg to pdf, A printed book is already bound and ready to take anywhere.

When you have to stare at the screen, this is a huge disadvantage, Eyestrain, from staring at screens too long, has become quite a health problem, If you enjoy reading before bed, taking advantage of reading in the dark, you might also get screen insomnia, This is a growing problem that cancels out the benefit of eBooks.

You don’t get book satisfaction, You can lose your files, If you forget to back up your files and delete by accident, This is a pretty weak disadvantage because you can always get a new copy and you can also lose paper books, Paper books don’t run out of batteries, Even if you have a device, you have it only when the batteries are charged, and paper books don’t run out of batteries.

Many people still prefer to hold a traditional book in their hands, eBooks are not forever, We find cave drawings from ancient times, and we can decipher their meanings, Licensing can be a pain, Digital files can be controlled, Paper books can be passed on to a friend or bought and sold on the used books market.

The devices of eBook can enlarge fonts for easier reading, the fact is one is still reading off an LCD screen, Unlike paper, these screens provide a glare that not only makes reading inconvenient if the lighting isn’t just right, but the glare may also actually cause eye strain and make it more difficult to focus while reading.

Various formats & eReader devices can be found on the market, choosing which device is the right one for all situations can be nearly impossible, Though compatible formats have been introduced that should allow most readers to view purchases, many of these still lack proper formatting, Digital books have an unreliable life span, Paper books last for decades provided they are well cared for.

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