How can you get rid of some excess salts through the skin? and how can you keep the urinary system healthy?

The sweat

The body can get rid of some of the excess salts and some other excretory products by secreting the sweat from special glands in the skin called the sweat glands, and they are the special type of glands inside the skin that produce the sweat.

Secreting the sweat increases in the summer due to the high temperature, So, the urination process decreases, and everyone must drink more clean water as the body secretes more sweat in the summer.

In the human body, there are some excess salts can not be released through the urinary system, but they released through the skin, Each kidney contains about one million minute tubules that filter the blood from the wastes.

How can you maintain Your urinary system healthy?
Urinary system

How to maintain your urinary system healthy.

To maintain your urinary system healthy, You must eat balanced healthy food that is low in the salts, We must not keep the urine in the urinary bladder for the long periods, as this affects the function of the kidneys.

To maintain your urinary system healthy, you must keep away from the irrigation canals and you must avoid the urinating in them, to avoid schistosomiasis disease (the bloody urine).

We need to drink two litres of the water daily, while we excrete about 1.5 liter of the urine per day and to maintain our urinary system healthy, You must drink suitable amounts of the clean water daily especially in the summer.

Doctors can diagnose many diseases by examining a report of the urine analysis, The bloody urine indicates the infection of the urinary tract with a disease, and the diseased or injured kidneys (the renal failure) may cause poisoning.

You should take care of your kidneys, You should monitor the blood pressure and cholesterol, You should monitor the blood glucose, you should control your weight, and you should exercise regularly.

You should keep your kidneys healthy, You should not smoke, You have to follow a healthful diet, you should get an annual physical exam, you should find out if CKD, diabetes or the heart diseases run in your family and you should talk to the doctors about being tested for CKD if you are at risk.

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