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The function of the respiratory system and the importance of respiration process

The human respiratory system

Respiratory system

The respiratory system

We can not live without the air , It contains oxygen gas which burns the small particles of the digested food to produce the energy , carbon dioxide gas and the water vapor and this process is called the respiration process .

Man needs the respiration process to get the needed energy from the food to do all the body activities as the excretion , the sensation , the reproduction and the motion .

The respiratory system provides oxygen for the metabolism in the tissues , It removes carbon dioxide , and the waste product of metabolism .

The respiratory system facilitates the sense of smell , it produces the speech , it maintains acid-base balance , It maintains the body water levels , and it maintains the heat balance .

The respiration process takes place in special organs forming the respiratory system , and the most organs of the respiratory system exist in the thoracic ( chest ) cavity .

The respiration process importance

The respiration process gives the body of the living organisms the needed energy to do all the body activities , The respiration process is the process by which the human obtain energy from the digested food .

Respiratory system

Inhalation and Exhalation process .

The inhalation process is a process by which the air rich in oxygen gas enters the lungs , The exhalation process is a process by which the air rich in carbon dioxide gas and the water vapor is expelled outside the body .

The number of the respiration times increases when the body is more active to obtain the energy needed for all the body activities .

Role of the respiratory system in the excretion process in man & Respiration in plant 

Cellular respiration , Structure of ATP and types of fermentation

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